Year-by-Year Timeline

Year by Year Timeline

This is a year by year time-line meant to tell who is where at what time and when certain things happened (already published in stories). Please keep all entries as brief as possible.
For story planning there's a more general past/present/future timeline (future events there still subject to change) and a weather timeline for significant weather events planned or already mentioned in stories.

Year Month Event
698 Misha arrived at Metamor Keep and discovers that muffins are good!
699 September 1st Battle of Hareford. Town falls after a tough but short fight. Battle of 3 Gates and the Curse takes effect
701 May George arrives at the Keep and gets command of all scouts.
July 2nd Battle of Hareford. Hareford retaken by Keepers. A long running battle for control of the town and surrounding area begins.
September 12th Last attempt to retake Hareford made by Nasoj fails in a battle called the 3rd Battle of Hareford. Town remains in Keeper hands.
702 The Long Scouts are founded, in secret.
703 Warding the Watchwoods (more detail in The Winter Assault) - Findahl Windseeker begins to change into a skunk morph in Sathmore. Hunters drive him into the mountains, and eventually to the Giantdowns, where he renames himself Murikeer Khannos.
June Prepared for Sacrifice - Zynaid Amadias and Parnsus Scolastin are shipwrecked somewhere in the Central Sea.
704 Snips and Snails - Misha discovers Madog, and begins repairing him.
Cutter becomes head librarian.
705 Hoof and Claw - Jon Sleeper finds an amulet that lets him switch between his deer morph form and a Tened.
706 early March Metamor Keep - The first MK story is set at this point.
mid-March Admissions and Applications - Michael is changed into a beaver.
Fetish - Charles is forced to break his vow of pacifism. Christopher is forced to make a geas with Akkala.
Attacking Cossack - Charles attacks the Duke and is thrown in the dungeon.
April Keeping the Lamp Lit -
* Phil sends Charles to retrieve a magical amulet from Arabarb;
* Charles undoes his vow and may now use his Sondecki powers again;
* Lord Loriod attempts a coup using the Censer of Yajakali;
* Duke Thomas crushes Loriod, while Wessex seals the Censer away inside Metamor.
Colors - Pascal has an affair with Michael. Michael is changed into a plaid beaver.
A Long Patrol - Misha and Caroline start dating. Caroline becomes a Long scout.
May Ward - Paul Etienne becomes Christopher's ward as Lurene. Christopher is handicapped.
Oren - Oren and Gornul join the Keep.
May 27 Rites of Ascendancy - Merai becomes a Lothanasi initiate.
early June A Place Where There Is No Darkness - Rickkter arrives at the Keep and changes into a raccoon.
A Shoving Match - Misha's Full form is reawakened and the Taur form is discovered.
Declarations of Allegiance - Misha, Charles, and Gornul help defend Glen Avery from Baron Calephas's invasion. Charles discovers Garigan has Sondeckis powers, and begins training him.
Leavetaking - Murikeer finds and frees Llyn, a Long Scout.
mid-June Snips and Snails - Misha finishes rebuilding Madog.
New Beginnings - Madog befriends Hough. The Keep builds an Ecclesian chapel / cathedral for Hough.
I'll Be Watching You - Raven loses Samekkh's patronage by trying to analyze Rickkter's aura.
Diplomacy - Ambassador Yonson, a Weathermonger, arrives at Metamor; Charles joins the Long Scouts.
late June Hunt - The Keep gives the Long Scouts their own headquarters, the Long House. Charles also gets a Sondeckis shrine for teaching Garigan.
July Fingers in the Weave - Wessex begins having nightmares involving Zagrosek and the Censer.
Stacking the Odds and Unstacking the Stones - Murikeer and Llyn destroy Nasoj's siege towers in the Giantdowns.
Shadows of the Past - A handful of Long Scouts visit the Haunted Woods and meet the Shadow Fox defending it.
July 20 Rites of Ascendancy - Yajiit physically appears at Metamor's Feast of Yajiit.
early August Hard Lessons - Wanderer becomes a wolf in mind and body. Christopher regains his legs, but as a bear stuck in full morph. Lurene becomes a wolf morph.
August 14 First and Last - Madog is kidnapped. The Long Scouts recover him, and discover the ruins of the Amber Order. Omega joins the Keep as a Long House guard.
late August Casualties of War - Craig killed and Caroline taken prisoner but is quickly rescued.
Arrival at Metamor Keep - Murikeer and Llyn arrive at Metamor.
September 13 Rites of Ascendancy - Merai is inducted as a Lothanasi priestess.
October Liturgy of Blood -
* Patriarch Akabaieth visits Metamor. He and most of his entourage are killed by Zagrosek. Only Egland, Bryonoth, Kashin, and Vinsah survive.
* Bryonoth is taken by Zagrosek. Kashin leaves to avenge Akabaieth. Egland and Vinsah remain in Metamor.
* Egland is changed to an elk morph. Vinsah is changed to a younger raccoon morph, but in isolation.
November 21 Rites of Ascendancy - Merai becomes a cat morph.
December 24 Winter's First Chill - Wessex is murdered by Agathe and his reanimated corpse undoes the sealing spells on the Censer. Charles, Jerome, Garigan, and Zagrosek kill the Shrieker that is unleashed in the aftermath.
December 24 - 31 The Winter Assault -
* Massive surprise attack on the keep by Nasoj fails but only at great cost;
* Llyn is killed. Murikeer's left eye is magically impaled. He spends many days afterwards in a coma, and many more in mourning.
* Bryonoth kidnaps the Duke, but Egland and Saulius catch them and return them to the Keep. Vinsah reveals himself. Intoran becomes Egland's squire, and the two begin a secret love affair.
* Charles, Garigan, Zagrosek, and Jerome help Glen Avery destroy a bridge Nasoj's army is using. Charles is wounded but quickly recovers with Baerle's help, who falls in love with him.
* Wanderer regains his mind. He and Raven begin dating.
707 January 2 Counter Strike - An army moves north from the Valley to counterattack Nasoj. Edmund first moves through the Haunted Woods and meets the Shadow Fox guarding it.
January 4 Counter Strike - Battle of Archford Crossing. Nasoj's forces are routed.
January Yesulam's Call - Magyars rescue Kashin in the Flatlands and force him to join them.
Wagging Tongues Will -
* Zagrosek's presence at Metamor and Charles's hiding of this fact are discovered;
* Phil is nearly possessed by Zagrosek, but after receiving news that his father, King Tenomides of Whales is gravely ill, resigns his post as head of Metamor's Intelligence and returns to Whales;
* Charles and Kimberly are wed and move to Glen Avery with James;
* Zagrosek and Agathe send the Sword of Yajakali through the Pillars of Ahdyojiak to Bishop Jothay in Yesulam.
Four Times the Charm - Cutter retires as Main Librarian and becomes the Long House Librarian. He learns tauric form from Misha.
Choices - Edmund Delacot decides to stay at the Keep.
Things Remain the Same - Edmund Delacot is changed into a cheetah.
Febuary Alternatives - Stealth heads to the Keep in self-imposed exile and is changed into a cheetah.
March Whispers of the Lost and Found - Misha is ambushed and loses his axe Whisper, but recovers it after a daring strike against Nasojassa.
Council of the Carnivore - Edmund befriends Stealth.
Questioning - A trio of Questioners come to Metamor to investigate the Patriarch's murder.
April 7 A Road into Darkness - Merai and Raven leave Metamor on a secret mission to the Aelfwood.
April 23 Never Again a Man - Thomas has an outburst against Hough in court.
April 24 Never Again a Man - Madog is severely injured. Bryonoth goes into isolation. (The details are not public, but this is when Zagrosek attempts and fails to kidnap the Duke. Bryonoth is taken to the dungeons.)
April 27 Never Again a Man - After two days of absence, the Duke holds court again. (What is not known is that this is an actor under an illusion to look like the Duke, the real Duke still under the halter's influence.)
April 29 Never Again a Man - Late in the evening, a huge fire is seen in the Metamor gardens; Rickkter is responsible. (The hyacinth is destroyed.)
April 30 Never Again a Man - (Duke Thomas is freed from the enslaving control of a magical halter that attempted to make him a horse in mind and body.)
May First Impressions - Gordon Argentarge arrives as blacksmith in Metamor.
Marital Bliss - Kimberly gives birth to five baby rats!
May 6 A Road into Darkness - Merai and Raven help the Elves defeat a Turguroth.
June Edmund and his troops spend the month at Hareford on duty. Stealth also comes. They meet Nestorius. Yonson, Agathe, Zagrosek, and the Marquis du Tournemire tie the Censer to Metamor in the belfry. Habakkuk leads a group to stop them but fail. Yonson is killed in the battle. Charles is turned into living stone. Habakkuk then leads a group of Keepers on a quest to Marzac to defeat the Marquis and his allies.
July Murikeer, Malger and Vinsah part company in Silvassa.
August Bradanes refugees start arriving at Metamor to be cured by the curse.
October The reconstruction of the Jolly Collie in stone is completed in Euper. Stealth goes feral and almost kills Cathal as side effect from Pascal's cold potion. Patriarch Geshter is freed from the corruption of Marzac.
October 30 Jessica kills Agathe in the Imbervand and is gifted with the secrets of the Pillars of Ahdyojiak.
December (12/22) Habakkuk's band defeats the Marquis, Yajakali, and destroys the power of Marzac. Habakkuk and Qan-af-årael lose their lives in the process.
December (12/23) Exiled William Dupré arrives at Metamor. George begins openly dating Terrant.
December (12/24) Duke Thomas marries Alberta Artelanoth.
708 January William Dupré is assigned to Hareford (Outpost) for life as its military leader. Thanh Tan-mos arrives at Metamor from Lom Shi'Un.
February Stealth and Edmund are transformed into cheetah cubs for a day, the incident is concealed by Terrant. Andwyn's operations are exposed, leading to strained relations with the Longs.
February 9 Matthias and the rest of the Marzac crew returns to Metamor.
February 23-March 2 Bishop Tyrion Verdane visits Metamor Valley and assigns more Ecclesia priests.
March 4-11 Bubonic plague strikes Metamor Keep via an idol of Tallakath, destroyed by Lightbringers and others.
March 20 The Quarantine of Metamor Keep and Euper is lifted.
Late March - Early April Events in Second Steps where Thomas and Misha meet with Lutin chief.
Early April-Late April Misha, Caroline, and Madog travel to Marigund to meet with Misha's family. The events of the Dawn series takes place.
April 15 Baron Calephas is killed and Arabarb freed. Lindsey is transformed into a dragon in the process.
May 5 Jessica is finally freed from Marzac's corruption and the new hyacinth is destroyed (Dominion of the Hyacinth)
May 12 Charles travels through the hells to see his son Ladero one more time, perhaps to take him back as well. This journey frees him, the last of the companions, from Marzac's corruption and ends its interference in the world. ('Divine Travails of Rats')
May 19 Unleashing the Beast: Carcarak lands in and destroys Lik in the Giantdowns, his violent arrival detected in Marigund and Metamor.
May 23 to May 25 Bidding Farewell; Remembering a Friend
May 27 to May 28 Casting Off
May 30 Blood Moon
June 6 Delivering a Friend
June 7 Designing a New Valley: William Dupré decides upon a course of action that will take years, but will forever after change the face of the Metamor Valley. He intends to build a massive wall across the Giant's Dike.
June 11 Driven by the Wind
June 15 Dusk Hunt
June 16 Elvmere's New Duties
June 18 Engulfed
June 28 Faithful Battles
June 30 First Day on Patrol
July 13 Gauging Loyalty
July 14 Gator Courtship
7091 March 11 Birth of the first true blood Heir of the House Hassan; Thomas Bryn Hassan, a horse with some features of his dam, notably taller ears and a braying laugh.
714 June The events of The Ghost Horde take place: A great host of Lutins encamps north of the now-fortified Dikes, but makes no move to sortie against those defenses. A missive is sent to Metamor Keep seeking an audience on the Summer Solstice. Duke Thomas is not invited in that missive, but attends the meeting anyway. The new 'King' of the lutins, Keletikt demands one thing: Peace. After lengthy negotiations Duke Thomas agrees to that entreaty and allows a limited number of Lutins to enter Metamor and reside within. This, of course, is not taken easily by the populace for years and decades following, but they grudgingly accept that peace with the Lutins is better than the constant wars of the past.2

Current ongoing plots (both in progress and finished) of note. Here new and current writers can review what is occurring with locations and notable characters and how to avoid, or interact, with them and the authors involved in their writing.

~March 22 - ~April 8 Kuna is deposed as "Grand Master" and a new Headmaster is chosen to rebuild and lead the Mages Guild.

~May 16 - June 709 CR Charles will take his family, along with Malger, Misanthe, Lindsey, Pharcellus, Lubec, Quoddy, Machias, Jerome and Garigan back to Sondeshara (upcoming story: 'Delivering a Ferret'). Charles and his family, along with the dragons and most of the rest, will return sometime in June 709.

~710-714 CR Not established in any detailed plot outline (and thus available for use) — In late 710 whispers from the north indicate that there is considerable unrest brewing among the Lutin tribes. Through 712 CR local raids begin to fall off markedly and news reaches Metamor of a great… something… happening among the Lutin tribes. They seem to be in the midst of some sort of civil war, and an as-yet-unknown tribe is gaining dominance. Understandably this does not sit well with anyone. Through 713 further news comes that the dominant tribe has consolidated its strength and the war is, essentially, over. But now there is a huge force of Lutins out there somewhere in the Giant Downs, but no one knows where.

~712 CR Although their numbers were still few, automations have began to gain recognition and popularity in the Keep, after recovery of more ancient automatia runes and records. This, however, this has led to a division in the occupants of the Keep. An unknown automation had repeatedly attacked Keepers and travelers alike, and after the reports of such reach the general population, most in the Keep split into two sides: One supporting the automations and encouraging others to embrace the change, believing that automations could solve all problems; while the other side completely condemning the automations and even called for them to be destroyed, stating that both automation and the ancient magic inside them are dangerous. They led frequent protests, often clashing with groups of different ideology in the city. These clashes had became more and more violent, often resulting in severe injuries. They eventually escalated to a point where a group captured Madog from the Keep and intended to destroy it. Madog was rescued eventually. With negotiations, the two groups finally did compromise, agreeing to at least give automations a chance to prove themselves.


Past plots, some with ongoing threads. These plots are considered, for the most part, complete in their original inception. Some events, such as the Winter Assault, cannot be added to without some considerable explanations concerning the desire to include additional pieces.


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January has 31 days. Sundays are 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.

The full moon occurs on January 7.


February has 30 days. Sundays are 6, 13, 20, 27.

The full moon occurs on February 5.


March has 31 days. Sundays are 4, 11, 18, 25.

Important days include the Vernal Equinox which is March 21.

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Important days include Palm Sunday which is April 1, and Easter which is April 8.

The full moon occurs on April 2.


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The full moon occurs on June 28.


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The full moon occurs on November 21.


December has 30 days. Sundays are 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.

Important dates include the Winter Solstice which begins on December 22, and the Feast of the Nativity on December 25. Also, the first anniversary of Duke Thomas's Wedding on December 24.

The full moon occurs on December 19.

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