Whitestone Tower

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Name: Whitestone Tower
Location: pyralian-confederation Outer Midlands
Population: 5-10,000

Working description: It was originally built by the aElves and maintains much of that flair - impossibly tall by human architectural standards, with a plethora of subordinate towers, flying buttresses, and an overall Gothic Cathedral flair all constructed of a hard, white stone local to the southern coasts. It was built to watch over the south for the twisted creatures that came crawling out of the ruins of Jagoduun.

As the climate changed and the forests over which the tower watched changed to grassland and jungles sprang up on the blasted lands of Jagoduun, eventually Marzac, the AElves moved on leaving their tower behind.

Eventually humans claimed the place and it became the center of an empire, was absorbed by the Suielish. While a few desultory attempts have been made over the centuries to establish a new empire after the fading of the Suielish nothing has ever really panned out. 150 years in the past a prominent warrior conquered the place and gathered about him his small but highly skilled army. From that bastion he established the Mercenaries of Whitestone.

It has remained such ever since, training some of the most skilled warriors, and small armies, of the land. Many of their most skilled have then been hired out by royals or other nobles to command their armies. The House Sutt hired one such and he trained the sons of Hendil Sutt in their arts of conquest, as well as Malger.

The latest Lord Marshal, Baron Dalando, has not proven to be a particularly astute or just steward of the lands controlled by the Tower so Suttiavasse and Tournemire have been trying to figure out how to manage it. Despite its mercenary "school", the natural defenses of Whitestone and its limited population (mostly scattered in farms and pastureland throughout the countryside) have left it open to foreign political control for a long time, a situation that Baron Dalando has taken advantage of to enrich himself and engage in debauchery. A agreement between Sutthaivasse and Tournemire in January of 708 CR ended with Tournemire renouncing its claim of sovereignty over the city while sharing some political control with Sutthaivasse over much of its interests to prevent Dalando from throwing the region into chaos with his intemperance1.

Although conquered twice in just a few years (first by Handil Sutt and then by Camille du Tournemire in 698 CR), much of the city's natural beauty has remained. Prior to his corruption by Marzac, the Marquis du Tournemire took great pride in restoring the city of Whitestone from the decrepitude it had fallen under through generations of neglectful military commanders/barons. The current Marquis du Tournemire spent much of his youth in Whitestone and has a vested interest in seeing that beauty remain (as well as protecting the quality of its mercenary training).

Defenses: Minimal. Perhaps just a weak city wall.


  • Palace district
  • A district for the upper level of nobility
  • All cities (in stories and RPG's at least) have a run-down crime ridden area.
  • Monuments and statues commemorating past glories

Politics: Is there a town hall (or some elaborate sounding name) or is it all run from the palace?


  • City Watch (name not set yet)
  • Some sort of customs & taxes group

Important Places

  • Palace/Castle with Whitestone tower towering over everything
  • Cathedral
  • A market area
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