What Is Metamor Keep?

Metamor Keep (MK) is a fantasy story universe dealing with complex plots, characters, and social issues that allow writers to explore the depths of their creations beyond the mere surface flash that makes a Hero a Hero and a Villain truly vile. With over 450 stories by a plethora of authors from all ranks, MK has attracted a dedicated following over the years.

Twisted by an unbreakable curse, the inhabitants of Metamor comprise a very strange and eclectic amalgam of half-animal people, women who were once men and vice-versa, and children who are anything but. Through these complications they still must continue their lives, learning how to cope with the changes that affected their bodies but (in most cases) did not touch their minds. Unsurprisingly, they are left confused about who they are, who they were, and who they want to be.

Over them all looms a known evil that represents a continuing threat against which they all fortify themselves to resist. Unknown evils likewise harass them from all sides and the evils within their hearts wage the ever present battle with the Good that they yearn to embrace.

It is a world of high sorcery and powerful Faith, of fabulous acts of heroism and despicable acts of horror. But it is also a world of daily interactions and personal experiences that may seem insignificant in the ocean of conflict, but the ripples of which affect the entirety of the world.

Feel free to enter, to examine the complex lives of the souls that reside here and approach them. Feel free to ask a question, the writers of Metamor Keep have grown numerous over the years and are never closed to the approach of new ideas and new writers. We're a pretty laid back lot and won't bite… much… unless you ask.

Overall the themes written are maintained along a PG-13 rating, so Metamor is safe reading even for the younger traveler in this magical realm.

Mission statement

The Metamor Keep universe was created by my friend Copernicus, who has passed control over to me! It was meant to be a place for new and inexperienced writers to have a place to write without the restrictions of the older and more restrictive story universes. I have strived to live up to that and have welcomed all eager writers to try their hands (paws?) at writing an MK story. So feel free to join us and WRITE!

The Lurking Fox
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