Timekeeping is vastly different in the world of Metamor Keep. Clocks are few and far between. Although the introduction of the escapement mechanism is causing a revolution making clocks more easily available.


Early clocks came in many forms.

Water clocks - using the steady drip of water to measure time were popular. One problem with those is that they are usually quite large.

Escapement or Pendulum clocks The invention of the escapement gear allowed finer and more easily controlled measure of time. It also gave us the TIC TOCK we all associate with clocks. Many early clocks had no minute hand!

Most people tell time easily:
When the sun comes up - wake up and go to work.
When the sun goes down - go to sleep.

Many people only had 3 things to measure time by Dawn, Noon, Sunset. And that is all they needed.

The Ecclesia
Prayers need to be said at specific times so they were big in the development of clocks and more accurate timekeeping. Their days usually revolves around them. For instance a bishop or cardinal might arraign a meeting to occur 'After None' or 'After 9th hour' rather than say 3pm.

Canonical Hours
Matins – Midnight
Lauds – Dawn or 3am
Prime – 6am
Terce – 9am - 3rd Hour
Sext – Midday - 6th Hour
None – 3pm - 9th hour
Vespers – Sunset - 6pm
Compline – 9pm

Those are more a guide as some groups might change the exact times about.

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