Yajakali Artifacts

The Artifacts of Yajakali were created by the Prince of Jagoduun shortly before -10,000 CR. Using odd minerals he discovered deep in the earth that glowed in the dark with their own inner light, he forged three weapons, a Sword, a Censer, and a Dais. All three were made with gold and matraluc (the mineral he discovered) and each had nine sides. These each represented the nine human mages that led the army besieging his city.

Yajakali's purpose in creating the artifacts was to destroy the human army. In the end, their creation and the mages spells destroyed Jagoduun and human army both.

The artifacts have been seen throughout history and their appearance has always presaged great calamity. They have never been seen all together. The events in the story "Last Tale of Yajakali" chronicle their final appearance in the world.

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