The World Bell is an unusual artifact. Located in the Hall of the Marigunds Mages Guild. In the centre of the Guild gardens is a majestic fountain that magic keeps flowing freely all year round. The fountain is made from marble, and it supports a large bell. It is shaped much like a long hollow cone, or a pipe of some kind. It is empty on the inside as well. You can see it through the fountain, but you cannot approach it.

The guild was built in Marigund because of the powerful currents of magic that crisscross the area. The world bell was situated at the most powerful nexus in this region. The fountain acts as a conduit, funneling magical activity into the bell itself. The bell will toll when sufficient magic is cast in the vicinity but it takes a great deal of magic to make it sound so that a human could hear it.

When the bell tolls, it creates ripples in the fountain that reflect the sort of magic that was cast, and where it was cast. These ripples are fixed in the water for a period of time commensurate with the power of the spell that activated the bell. The Mages of Marigund possess a codex filled with symbols meant to interpret these ripples. There are Guild artists present at all times waiting for just such an incident to happen.

The World Bell was originally created by the Åelf of Carethedor. Traders from the Flatlands sold manuscripts to the Marigund Guild several centuries prior detailing its manufacture and properties.

When Marzac was destroyed on the Winter Solstice in December 707, the bell actually swung (unheard of) to the southwest for a few minutes before swinging back to its resting position where it was then shattered by the passing magic shockwave from Marzac. It is unknown yet when a new bell will be made.

First mentioned in "Sharing" by Charles Matthias.

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