• Common Name: Whisper
  • First Name: Tchau Uae (Shadows Edge)'
  • Description: A double bladed battle axe 5 feet in length. Jet black in color and devoid of any decorations or markings.
  • Current User: Misha Brightleaf.

Whisper is a powerful weapon. Created over 2700 years ago (-2000CR) in the ancient kingdom of Kkarrt as one of the Five Sisters. A runic weapon it is one of the few Runic items to survive.

The axe is setient and possesses a strong but surprisingly wise mind.

The axes exact powers are known only to her but some ARE known:

  • It can cut through anything whether it's wood, stone or steel. Even a magical barrier cannot withstand it. Although, some magical artifacts and creatures can stop it.1
  • Whisper makes no noise when used. The blades when they strike something are silent. The blades striking steel armor will be totally silent. The lutins nicknamed the axe Whisper because all they ever heard of the axe was the whisper of wind whistling past the blades as Misha swung it.
  • The axe can be used to block incoming missiles. By spinning the massive weapon very quickly in a circle in front of them a weilder is able to block any missile weapon - arrows, javelins, rocks (and in the distant future - bullets). One thing Whisper cannot block is electrical attacks. Being made from metal, it conducts electricity normally.2
  • Limited self movement. The axes weilder can summon the axe to them and the weapon will rise from the ground and fly to their hand.
  • Magic resistance. Merely holding the axe gives it's weilder a conciderable resistance to any hostile magic.
  • Detect magic. When the axe contacts magic it chimes. The more powerful the magic the louder the chime. The axe can if needed stop the sound (sort of like hitting the mute button) but does so only if absolutely necessary.


The axe does have some potent defenses to protect herself from people she does not wish to use her. These defenses can range from a simple jolt of energy meant to scare off a person to a horrible violent death. Her most powerful defense is to literally drain the life from a person. The sight of this happening has been known to fill an entire room with panic.

Other things:

The axe has a long memory and is patient. It taught Misha how to read and write ancient Kkarrt.

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