The Tamar Manuscripts

Author: ??
Brief description: Encyclopedic book on magic
Date written: Thousands of years ago

An ancient and incredibly rare book of magic, containing some of the most powerful enchantments ever created. Today, it is mainly known through references and excerpts found in other books of magic, written after the Tamar. The only widely known copies today are in fragments.

One legend has it that its author was once in the employ of the cruel king Mathalfor thousands of years ago. He escaped with several of the king's magical artifacts, but left behind an early draft of the Manuscripts.1

Its contents are said to have been an encyclopedia of all manner of magics, including alchemy, artifacts, enchantments, runics, enscrollments, formulae, sigils, and incantations. The most powerful books on magic known in the current day have borrowed or taken influence from its pages, although no book today has more than a tiny fraction of the knowledge in the Tamar.

A complete extant copy is not believed to exist anywhere in the world, and it has since become known as the 'holy grail' of magic books. However, there does indeed exist one complete copy, found in the storage rooms beneath Metamor Keep. It is currently in the possession of Rickkter, and only a few other people are aware of its existence and significance: Jon, Misha, and Wessex.

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