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Use this page as a directory to add info on technical subjects in MK. This is sort of a catch-all topic, and includes technology (e.g., Greek Fire), odd phenomena (the Curse of Metamor), general cosmic forces (magic), and detailed info about things that don't really fit anywhere else.

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Technology in the MK universe

Technology level: The Metamor Keep universe is set in about the Medieval period, but with some places (like Metamor Keep) already in the Renaissance.

Gunpowder does not exist in this world, but a magical equivalant does. Called dragon dust, it is just starting to be used. There are NO firearms in the MK world yet.

Anything obviously modern is also not allowed — no televisions, computers or cars. But the idea of what is allowed is broad. Magic is a great equalizer, and can also be used to achieve the same effects as modern inventions. Pascal's Harpsichord is fine, since machines of greater complexity did exist long before our own middle ages. Just because something was invented in our world in the 20th century doesn't meant it can't be invented in MK at the medieval level.

Technical Articles

Schools of Magic

Arcane Magic
Automaton Magic
Divine Intervention
Inherent Magic
Proxy Spells
Runic Magic
Shadow Magic

Curses and Spells

Curse of Metamor

Magical Weapons and Armor

Dragon's Claw
Exploding Egg
Five Sisters
Marshak's Teeth
Morphic Armor

Magical Artifacts

Brood Matron's Perch
Pillars of Ahdyojiak
Soul Gem
Soul Stone
Teleport Disk
World Bell
Yajakali Artifacts

Non-Magical Technology

Trail Rations
Weapon Black
Whalish Fire


Tamar Manuscripts


Old Tongue

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