The Sondeshike is an ancient weapon of the Sondeckis. It is a metal staff usually with bright bronze ferules at either end. It can collapse into a metal cylinder between six inches and a foot in length for easy transport and to hide it.

The Sondeshike is able to channel the power of the Sondeck which enable it to strike with greater force than otherwise possible. It also enables them to survive magical blows of most sorts. A properly trained Sondecki is able to spin a Sondeshike so fast that it appears as nothing more than a glowing disc. When two or more Sondeckis spin their Sondeshikes together, they enact what is known as the Danze wie Zherd, the Dance of Death. Little can penetrate such a barrier or survive an introduction.

Sondeshikes are very rare and are usually only ever wielded by Sondeckis of the Black. The art of forging a Sondeshike is closely guarded and known only to a few Sondeckis at any time. A lifetime's worth of effort is required for each. Similarly, to destroy a Sondeshike requires years of meticulous effort that few find worthwhile. It is considered a mark of power for an enemy of the Sondeckis to bear a Sondeshike themselves.

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