The Sondeck is the magical power possessed by all Sondeckis. There is no way to acquire this power. One must be born with it.

Magically viewing a person with the Sondeck would reveal a whorl of magic that draws inward like a knot twisted round and round. They do not draw energy from outside forces, but create it within themselves. Because of this, Sondecki must constantly strive to master the forces brewing inside themselves. This first manifests itself as a growing anger that eventually turns into an uncontrollable rage which in the end consumes a person. A Sondecki who does not learn to master this will eventually get themselves killed either from their own hand or in battle sought.

The Sondeck, once trained, allows its owner to channel physical force in excess of their own strength. In addition to this, they can throw punches through the air, disrupt magical energies, heal, and move faster than the eye can follow. Not all have each and every one of these abilities, nor are all of the same strength, but these are some of the ways that the Sondeck expresses itself.

Those who have the Sondeck instinctively know a certain song that stirs their hearts. They are also all deeply motivated by a sense of justice. This sense can be twisted with horrific results.

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