Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic, while not associated with any dark powers, is often shunned as one of the Black Arts that are forbidden to Guild Mages. The one exception is spells that defend against the use of Shadow Magic.

Despite being a frowned upon art, there are at least two known uses recorded by the sages of Metamor.

Shadowwalking - This is the art of traveling through Shadows. While the mage is walking through shadows, he can pass through objects with only a small amount of concentration. This does not make them immune to physical attacks. Further, they must pass through all shadow between them and their object. During the day this allows them to move very quickly though at night they are unable to travel faster than a normal man except that they are still able to pass through walls and other obstructions.

This power was first demonstrated by Krenek Zagrosek but was later learned by Madog who watched him do it. Madog lacks the ability to communicate how he knows how to do this to any other and so cannot teach others how to Shadowwalk.

Shadow Fire - This power is derived from the Shriekers. By concentrating shadows they are able to generate a dark fire that can be used to coat their body or weapons or anything else they wish. This is a very difficult power to control. The only person known to have ever mastered it is Krenek Zagrosek who had the aid of the Underworld.

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