Pillars of Ahdyiojiak

The Pillars of Ahdyiojiak are an ancient device built in the center of the Isle of Manzona off the northern Sonngefilde coast. It is a jungle island and completely inhospitable to man. The Ã…elves of Carethedor constructed it in times long forgotten. No one knows how old they are.

The Pillars are three in number, framing an open triangle that has not been touched by the reclaiming hand of the jungle. They act as conduits of power that open a doorway completely into the Imbervand, the 'In between land' through which all teleportation spells pass. Because they penetrate the Imbervand completely, someone who Summons the Pillars (as a casting using them is called) is able to travel to any place in the world they so wish.

However, in order to Summon the Pillars, vast reserves of magic are required, as is a difficult and tedious casting that must be completed at precisely the moment when the sun is on the exact opposite side of the world (AKA midnight). Depending on the objects sent through them, the Pillars must be powered to different levels. When Zagrosek carried the Sword of Yajakali through, three men had to be sacrificed and their life forces given to the Pillars.

The only living person to have any knowledge of the casting required to Summon the Pillars is Jessica of Metamor, and she has yet to try (as of early 708 CR).

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