Otrinca (ō-TRĒN-kä) is a military term for a style of warfare that is dependent on stealthy raids, sabotage, ambushes against supply lines, and other harrassment tactics that do not require advanced equipment or large numbers of personnel. The term comes from an Old Tongue word meaning "little war", and is equivalent to our RL word guerrilla.1 Otrinca tactics can rarely win a war on their own, but they can be very useful in bogging down a larger enemy force and keeping it too weak, distracted and disorganized to press its advantage against its outnumbered opponents. The chief objective of otrinca fighters is not to defeat the enemy outright, but to resist their occupation of a territory and prevent them from enjoying the benefits of conquest.

During the Winter Assault, Kayla came up with the idea of using otrinca tactics to keep Nasoj's forces off-balance and vulnerable and prevent them from solidifying their hold within Metamor Keep. Using a team of volunteers picked by Misha, Daria hin'Leon led otrinca attacks against enemy positions within the Keep, rescued Keepers who were cut off behind enemy lines and conducted reconnaissance that assisted Duke Thomas and Misha in planning larger strikes.

One true master of otrinca is George, who has spent most of his life fighting on both sides of such warfare.

The Long Scouts also conduct missions that follow the principles of otrinca warfare, but in most ways they more closely resemble a modern Special Forces unit than an ad hoc band of resistance fighters.

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