Many different types of magic exist in the Metamor Keep universe. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The following magic is known to exist:

Automaton Magic
Divine Magic
Regular (Arcane) Magic
Runic Magic
Shadow Magic
Shamanistic Magic
The Sondeck
Ancient Mystical Order of the Enlightened Beings

Others are in use; it's just that no information has yet come to light. If you want to add a system please ask the universe controller first.

Magical implements and weapons exist. The more power they possess, the more restrictive the conditions of their use. Simple magic items such as the morphic armor is allowed. The watchword should be balance.

A powerful item may be hard to use or can only be used a certain number of times per hour/day/week/month. Misha's axe is a powerful magic item, but being 5' long is an unwieldy thing to use and it takes years to master. But Misha's light stone can be a very common item since it's uses are limited. In fact they could be all over the keep.

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