Five Sisters

Common Name: The Five Sisters
All five are jet black in color and completely devoid of any markings.

These five weapons were created over 2700 years ago (-2000 CR) in the ancient kingdom of Kkarrt. They are Runic weapons, and among the few such few Runic items to survive. They are meant to be used as a set, but since their creation the five have never all been together in the same place. Two of them, the axe and dagger, are known to be at Metamor Keep.

All are sentient, and each contains the soul of something (exactly what is unknown) that is believed to be female. They are sometimes violent and harsh, but they are aligned with the powers of good and work to fight evil. All have special powers that can effectively prevent most people from using them or even touching them. A person doesn't use one of these weapons; the weapon itself decides who can wield it, and how much of its power they can use.

The five weapons are:

  • Battle Axe: A double-bladed battle axe. Named Tchau Uae ("Shadow's Edge"). See Whisper.
  • Dagger: Named Tchaas-hurti ("Knowledge and Illusion").
    • Description: This weapon has a thick hilt with an upswept cross-guard at the point where blade meets the hilt. The blade itself is as thick and as long as a man's hand and is straight for most of its length, ending with a diamond-shaped point.
    • Known Powers: Unbreakable illusions with complete auditory content that can be cast on entire armies. When cast on a few people (less then 20) the illusion can withstand physical contact tricking even the sense of touch.
    • Currently in the possession of Rickkter. He can hold the dagger but cannot use any of the dagger's major powers.
  • Hammer: Named Henbi-shnut ("Spring Storm").
    • Description: Its head is as thick as a man's leg. Both heads on the weapon are worked into a flat plane resembling a common worker's tool, only larger. This isn't a tool meant for working wood or stone, though; it was designed to break bones and shatter skulls.
    • Known Powers: Can cast lightning bolts. It can shatter anything it strikes, and can be thrown and will always strike its target. One strike can easily kill an ogre.
  • Spear: Named Hati ("Wisdom").
    • Description: A six-foot long spear. The weapon's blade is as wide as a man's outstretched hand and shaped like a leaf. The long shaft is made out of cedar wood worked to the smoothness of the finest silk.
    • Known Power: Precognition — it can show its wielder the future, or at least possible futures.
  • Long Sword: Named Ka-Staru ("Soul Strength").
    • Description: A long, straight blade with razor-sharp edges and point.
    • Known Power: Morale boosting. It can boost the morale of whole armies. It can take the most terrified coward and fill him with the courage and determination of a lion.

The axe and hammer are meant mostly for combat and have powers to match. The other three have other powers that would help in battle but aren't actually meant to be wielded as weapons.

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