Exploding Egg

Exploding Egg

Description: A small, gray, metal sphere about the size of an apple. The entire surface of the ball was covered with runes and magic symbols.

Creator: David

The egg is essentially a reusable hand grenade. It is activated by pronouncing the words Huyria Kormun the magic is activated. At that point the egg MUST be thrown. After some 10 to 20 seconds it explodes destroying everything within 30 feet. After the explosion the egg can be found in the blasted area. It requires a good amount of time to recharge but then can be reused.

The egg has a down side in that it is not permanent. With repeated use the egg can become unstable. Once during Winter Assault the egg Misha Brightleaf used exploded but when recovered it was covered with countless cracks. The next time to egg was used it literally was blown to pieces in an explosion far larger going off with the power of a 500 pound bomb! Killing everyone within a hundred feet!

Misha has since obtained another egg from David but uses it sparingly.

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