Elemacil (ə-LÉM-ə-síl or ə-LÉM-ə-SĒL) is the holy sword of the Lothanasi of Metamor. Forged out of pure mithril by Elven weaponsmiths around the time of the Great Darkness, tempered in dragonfire and blessed with enchantments laid down by the gods themselves, it is a weapon with few equals. Its name means Starsword in Old Elvish.

Elemacil is what modern fantasy authors commonly call a longsword, a one-handed double-edged blade roughly 30 inches long.1 The weapon has a highly unusual serpentine blade, similar to an Indonesian kryss, but unlike a kryss it is sharp along its entire length and is intended as both a slashing and a thrusting weapon. The enchantments worked into the blade help to keep it sharp and prevent chipping; without these protections the unusual blade would be very difficult to maintain. The serpentine blade is primarily aesthetic, but it has one substantial advantage in combat: it tends to set up a disturbing vibration in any sword that attempts to block it, which can make it harder for the enemy to hold on to his weapon.

The hilt is carved with the image of a dragon, its wings forming the guard of the dagger and its head forming the pommel. The dragon's tail stretches down the center of the blade on one side; the other side is carved with runic symbols, their meaning known only to the Lightbringers themselves.2 The dragon's claws grip the sides of the handle, and on the side opposite the dragon is a large twin cross (the holy symbol of the Lothanasi). The entire handle is overlaid with gold.

Elemacil is semi-sentient; it can sense the presence of daedra and undead and warns its wielder (non-verbally) when such creatures are near. It can also sense whether its wielder is a Lightbringer, and its magic will strike out at any non-Lightbringer who touches it. It cannot, however, read its wielder's intent; when Merai was possessed by a Fallen and fighting to keep Rickkter from rescuing Raven, the sword did not know that it was being used in the cause of evil. Only when Merai attempted to use the sword on Tessa, another Lightbringer, did the blade rebel against her, stopping an inch from the half-Elf's body and refusing to budge.3 While the sword responds to its wielder's emotions and has emotions of its own, it is not truly telepathic, and it cannot express its feelings in anything resembling language.

Elemacil has a deep instinctual knowledge of the art of swordplay and substantially improves the swordsmanship of any Lightbringer wielding it. It can sense an enemy's weak spots and guides the wielder's hand to deliver its blows to those places. It seems to have a particular predilection for decapitating foes — something that would be nearly impossible for a sword of its size, if not for the spells of penetration included in its enchantment.

d20 Notes

In d20 gaming terms, Elemacil is a +5 keen holy vorpal longsword of mighty cleaving. It is considered a major artifact and an epic weapon, and is treated as if it were made of both silver and cold iron for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The sword has the ability scores Int 3, Wis 12 and Cha 16, an Ego of 30 and an alignment of Neutral Good. Its purpose is to protect Metamor's Lightbringers and destroy evil outsiders and undead, in that order of priority. It has no language and cannot communicate except to convey basic emotions. It has the spell-like abilities detect evil outsider and detect undead active at all times and shares the benefits of these abilities with the wielder.

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