Divine Magic

Divine magic comes in as many flavors as the faiths that practice them.

In the current Metamor setting that comes in two rather distinct forms: Ecclesiastic magic, and Lightbringer magic. The Tened are relatively limited to shamanistic magic, and may be an unrealized expression of faith, and the Titans (if any choose to extend faith that direction) express nothing that is currently realized. Other species, such as Dragons and Elves, have faiths that are little understood or known among modern human-centric experience.

The faithful of Eli pray for his divine intervention, but that is by no means guaranteed. Or they receive His intervention unbidden in the manner of Miracles. Usually such divine favors are only granted to members of the clergy, but the faithful laity are sometimes granted miracles as well. Ecclesiastic magic relies almost entirely on prayer, and to a far lesser extent, ritual. Typically this is limited to healing and the curing of illness, but the Church has a singular power that the Lightbringers are far less adept at: Exorsism, of both possessed people and the purification, by sanctification, of places.

Lightbringers use both prayer and ritual to petition their patron God, or Aedra, for divine favor. Lothanasi, or the high clergy (both male and female), can curry favor from multiple Gods of the Pantheon whereas the typical laity are often limited to those Gods they have chosen. On the opposite spectrum, and fare less common, are the Moranassi, who seek divine aid from the darker Gods, or Daedra. Lightbringer divine magic comes in as much variety as arcane or shamanistic magic, but has far less command of incorporeal spirits (ghosts, demons, and the like) than the Ecclesia.

Lightbringers can bind spirits, whereas the Ecclesia can outright destroy or, at the very least, banish them with far less effort.

Divine magic often requires singular devotion to one's faith, but on extremely rare occasions even those who do not observe devout practice receive miracles with a single prayer. Such is the wont of the Gods and not for mere mortals to question.

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