Common (Language)

The language now known as Common, or Galendish is the primary language of western Galendor. It is descended from Old Suiel, the language of the now-dead Suielman Empire, which forced its adoption upon all the humans of the western lands.1 While there has been evolution and variation in the language since the fall of the empire, the rapid communication made possible by magic and the widespread literacy of ordinary citizens has helped to keep Common from disintegrating into a dozen different languages, as happened to RL Latin after the fall of the Roman Empire.

In MK stories Common is represented by English, while Old Suiel is represented by Latin. Common has also been influenced by Old Tongue, or Lambemma, which is the ancient language of the Midlander and Northlander humans; and by Sathmoran, the language of the Sathmore Empire, but Old Suiel is still the dominant source for Common.

Nations that use Common as their primary language

Ainador (Yehuda)2
Giantdowns (western region)
Magdalain Island
Northern Midlands
Outer Midlands3
Pyralian Confederation
Southern Midlands

Nations that use Common as a second language

Sathmore Empire5

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