Caur Merripen

Caur-Merripen is the sword forged by Pelain of Cheskych around -300 CR. It is fashioned from an iron-silver alloy and from metal taken from a fallen meteorite. In appearance it is black on the exterior with a silver tang running the entire length of the blade. The blade is similar in shape to a long sword. It is always sharp and is one of the very few items that can be used against creatures of Marzac.

After Pelain climbed mount Cenziga there were two copies of Caur-Merripen, just as there are two of Pelain and his legendary wolf armour. As of 708 CR, one of them is in the possession of Nemgas of the Magyars and the other is owned by the man known as Pelokin of Cheskych, the father of Pelaeth and Pelurji, the last living descendants of Pelain.

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