Brood Matron's Perch

The Brood Matron's Perch was the symbol of governance for a Tened tribe. These padded granite benches bore intricately carved runes that formed the core of several enchantments. These spells served to create, nurture, and protect a Perch's living intelligence. A Perch lived to advise, and learn from, the leaders that it had found worthy to sit upon it.

There is but one surviving Perch in the present day, having been hidden by Kyia thousands of years ago when the Tened died out. It was found by Emily and Thalberg in January of 700 CR when the komodo and alligator stumbled upon the complex of rooms that would become the Fellowship of the Egg's Meeting Hall. Though both Emily and Thalberg were deemed worthy by the Perch, Emily was chosen when Thalberg refused the office. Emily's Perch is unusual because it is home not only to its own intelligence, but also serves as the necromantic phylactery of Shirazz, who was the last Brood Matron of the last Tened tribe before they died out.

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