Writer's Guild, by Charles Matthias

Story name: Writer's Guild
Author: Charles Matthias
Publication date: November 24, 1997 (on TSA-Talk)

Date: Spring 706, 4 weeks before Easter
Location: Metamor Keep


Michael meets Charles Matthias, a rat who is headmaster of the Writer's Guild.


Michael is exploring the Keep when he sees Charles struggling to push a dresser into his room, and assists him. No one is available to help, as they are either too big to fit or at the Writer's Guild meeting. Michael and Charles talk for a while about the changes, the Writer's Guild, and his living space. Michael lets him go to catch the last of the meeting, and the two part ways.


Main Characters:


  • J Wells: A headmaster of the Writer's Guild.
  • Phil: A court writer, and founder and headmaster of the Writer's Guild.
  • Copernicus: A lizard morph who has been giving newcomers tours of the Keep for years. Matthias has recently lost a game to him.


  • The Writer's Guild was founded to manage the many writers who had not yet become court writers. The three headmasters are J Wells (Dr Channing), Phil, and Charles. Guild members help less experienced writers, and will nominate their best writers to the Duke to become court writers. Joining the Guild simply requires getting a story prompt from one of the headmasters, and completing it to their satisfaction within a day. Their applicants have apparently been serious about joining, as not a single one has been rejected yet.

Points of Interest

  • Michael has been here a week or so.
  • Matthias describes his changes: they took two weeks in total, and he went from five foot to about four feet in that time. Losing that mass via fluids was quite painful.
  • Matthias's furniture was all custom-made by a competent carpenter, who Matthias mentions could use an assistant.
    • The dresser is not a new item; it has just been repaired from an accident. Matthias is unwilling to mention why, though. This is indirectly explained in The Fight That Never Happened.
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