Withering Days, by Magus

Story name: Withering Days
Author: Magus
Location: Metamor Keep (Magus's tower)


Magus reflects on his old age and isolation within his tower.


The hourly bell rings, and Magus puts down his quill, wearily getting to his feet. He reflects on how hot the weather has been, and how he should find time to relax. But he is getting old, and has gotten so preoccupied with finishing his work. He worries that an assistant would not help. With no one to interact with, he has had no reason to tidy up his place, or to keep himself groomed.

He lays in his bed for a moment, until someone knocks and asks for him in the conference room. Magus sighs and wonders if he is insane.


  • Magus's tower: It is remote from the rest of the Keep. Windows on the lower and upper section control the airflow; magic is needed to reach the upper curtains. Inside, Magus keeps piles of stacked books and shelves filled with unsorted scrolls. A chessboard lies in one corner, covered in dust. His bed sits in another corner.


Main characters:

  • Magus: A powerful mage of the Keep. His fur is gray, and he has trouble remembering things.


  • Foxeris Cutter: Magus bets that Fox, as another fox morph who surrounds himself by books, is also uncomfortable by the weather.
  • Pascal: Magus misses talking with her. He wonders if he should get something from her to keep him awake.
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