Welcoming Committee, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: Welcoming Committee
Author: Chris O'Kane
Publication date: December 16, 1997 (on TSA-Talk)

Date: Unknown
Location: Metamor Valley woods


A young mage's caravan is saved by an axe-wielding fox.


Nathan is six months out of mage's school, and eager to see Metamor Keep for the first time. He has heard about lutin attacks, however, and mentally practiced using a fire spell on them all at once. When his caravan is attacked, he panics, narrowly dodges a javelin, and only manages to strike a single lutin before they close in. Just as he swings his sword, an axeman appears and slays the seven lutins in an instant.

Nathan turns to the axeman, and realizes that the axeman has oddly-shaped legs, a muzzle, and pointed ears. The front of the caravan calls out for Misha, and the axeman hurries over, stopping briefly to welcome Nathan to Metamor Keep.


Main Characters: Nathan, Misha

Points of Interest

  • The lutins here are described as green-skinned and 5 feet tall.
  • Misha is wearing what appears to be camo-colored clothing, with chainmail underneath. His hood is also chainmail with a brown cloth cover. His long bushy tail is also brown and green. He carries an axe 5 feet long
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