Visits from Home, by Oren the Otter

Story name: Visits From Home
Author: Oren the Otter

Date: June 706 CR, a few days before the Summer Festival
Location: Metamor Keep


Oren and Gornul are both visited by loved ones from their homelands.


Oren receives word that a woman was found wounded outside the Keep, asking for Oren. At Coe's, Oren is startled to see his friend from Hipocc, Sawana. After a brief scare from seeing Oren, she tells him that an army from Devil's Strand has wiped out Hipocc. Oren weeps as Sawana describes the Stranders poisoning the water with antimagic, and Oren's father's brave last stand. Sawana asks that he return, as he is the only Hipoccian warrior left to defend them. Oren doesn't want to return after the council exiled him, and Sawana corrects him; they had not intended to exile him, only to temporarily live outside the village as an example.

Meanwhile, Gornul has tea with the hermit-knight Samantha that morning. Soon after he leaves, a larger dragonette arrives at Samantha's cottage, smelling Gornul's scent. He furiously sends an image of a dead Gornul and fights Samantha, who knocks him unconscious and carries him to Gornul at the Keep. Gornul is surprised, but informs Samantha that the dragonette is his father Mitok. Mitok explains that he used magic to track his son to Metamor, where he lost the trail. Having heard stories of knights killing dragons, he feared the worst after sensing him near a knight's hut. Thus reassured, Gornul leads Mitok to Charles, who tells them where Oren is.

While still reeling from the revelations, Oren is pleased to meet the two dragonettes and welcomes them to Metamor. In mental pictures, Mitok says that he is glad that Gornul has found friends to take care of him, but now they will return to the Dragonette Isles. Gornul insists that Metamor Keep is his home. Mitok is sad, but proud. He asks Oren if he may stay for a few days, and Oren agrees. As they're about to leave, Sawana stops Oren, still waiting for an answer to her question; Oren tells her sadly that Metamor is his home. Coe leads her to bed, where she cries to sleep.


Main characters:

  • Oren: A half-otter man from Hipocc. He used to be a gifted storyteller and an unremarkable warrior in Hipocc.
  • Gornul: A dragonette who speaks in pictures. He has many friends at the Keep, including Samantha.


  • Mitok: Gornul's father, a gray-green dragonette. His name is short for "Mighty Oak". He accepts Gornul's decision to remain at Metamor, and decides to stay for a few days.
  • Sawana: A woman from Hipocc. She and Oren used to be in love; Oren called her "Ana". She is both stout but pretty. She carries a bottle of water from Hipocc's magic lake, drinkable only with antimagic powder; all other water from Hipocc has been poisoned.
  • Sir Samantha: A former knight and a female gendermorph. She used to fight monsters in the north; now she keeps to herself away from the Keep. She often wears a false mustache. She loves dragons, and is good friends with Gornul.
    • From her fight with Mitok, she receives a black eye, and some claw marks on her opposite cheek.

Minor characters:

  • D'art: A hummingbird morph, and a messenger for the Keep.
  • Coe: The Keep healer.
  • Charles: A friend of Gornul and Oren.

Important mention:

  • Barry: A tailor from Hipocc. A former councilman, he was removed after a fight with Timothy. In revenge, he allowed an army from Devil's Strand to invade Hipocc.
  • Timothy: A councilman in Hipocc. He was killed by enemy Stranders.
  • Nana: A healer from Hipocc. She rallied the townspeople to Hipocc's defense, but she was killed in the fighting.
  • Oren's father: A resident of Hipocc. He was one of the first to die, by defending Hipocc's church.


  • A wizard in the Dragonette Isles, who casted a spell to allow Mitok to follow his son's trail across the sea.


  • Samantha's cottage is away from the Keep, near the mountains. Despite its size, it is quite ornate. She keeps paintings of dragons around the house. She had a tree sculpted into a dragon, until Mitok burned the head off.
  • Hipocc has been assaulted by its enemies from Devil's Strand. Most of its citizens are either dead or in hiding. Most sources of water have been poisoned. Notably, the magic lake has been left alone, but Hipoccians need antimagic powder to drink it, which they are running low on.

Story Connections

  • This story adds more detail to Oren's appearance before the Hipoccian council in Oren.
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