Values, by Jack the Lizard

Name: Values
Author: Jack the Lizard
Publication date: July 5, 2015

Date: March 26, 707 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


James ventures outside of his room, and has an encounter with Patric.


It has been a few days since James last left the Keep. He complains to Nemo about the cold and the freaks of Metamor, and refuses to acknowledge the reality. Nemo tells him that he has no food, and he will have to go buy some, and eventually find employment.

He leaves the room and makes his way to a crowded open square. He starts to relax, but becomes overwhelmed when he sees a bovine's tail moving, feels the warmth of the sun, and notices the detail that his eyes can make out. His new instincts nearly take over until he focuses on relaxing. Two armed guardsmen, members of the Watch, take notice of him, and one of them named Bantry starts asking questions, particularly on betting what animal James is becoming. Insulted that Bantry is not respecting his nobility, he storms back into the Keep.

He wanders the halls of the Keep until he runs into a chameleon morph. He introduces himself as Patric, and that he is carrying the Host. James doesn't follow the Ecclesian religion, and quickly defends himself and his actions from Patric's concerned questions. James is confused and irritated by Patric's friendly demeanor, until he turns his attention to the peristerium Patric is holding. He mocks Patric for carrying "crackers", and dumps the Host onto the ground. Patric screams, but then apologizes and again asks what is hurting him. James stomps on a Host as he leaves, but begins to second-guess the things he said.

James talks about his day with Nemo, and when he mentions Patric, Nemo orders him not to talk to any Ecclesian priests, as they corrupt the Way and Eli. James is still troubled by why Patric was so nice to him, even after being rude to him. He returns to his room, where he consoles himself with his pet rat.


Main characters

  • James: A new resident to the Keep. His body temperature has dropped. His tail continues to expand, and he keeps it covered with a skirt, which he insists on calling a sarong. He is not a Follower or a Lothanasi. There is a rat who visits his room frequently, whom he befriends.


  • Nemo: James's guardian. He handles the money and controls James's impulses. He has not yet begun to change. Although he is a Follower of some kind, he views Ecclesians as falsifiers, and Rebuilders as misguided.
  • Patric: An Ecclesian cleric of the Keep. He is patient and compassionate to James.


  • An unnamed bovine carrying logs. Seeing his tail triggers a sensory overload in James.
  • Bantry: A member of the Watch who tries to gamble with James. James is not sure of their gender.
  • A female lizard morph who is on Watch with Bantry. A Day In The Life reveals that she is Janelle.


  • Tabitha: An acquaintance of Patric's, with similar scales to James. Jack reveals that he would first meet her thirty-five days later.

Points of interest

  • Nemo and James's dwelling consists of three rooms: a dining area in the middle, Nemo's bedroom to the left, and James's bedroom to the right.
  • James does not enter the Fellowship of the Egg until May 1.
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