Tournament, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: Tournament
Author: Chris O'Kane
Publication date: March 9, 1998 (on TSA-List)

Date: Holy Saturday, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Misha participates in the archery tournament at the Equinox Festival.


Misha prepares himself for the tournament, and stops at Will Hardy's tent, marked Fadger, to check on the jeweler's business. Matthias and Kimberly approach, and Misha playfully licks Kimberly and shows off his longbow. Will arrives, and Misha explains that he and Will make clocks together, which are very valuable and popular down south.

Misha joins the archery tournament just as it begins. There are two competitions, distance and accuracy, with the prize for each a set of 20 magic arrows. In the accuracy competition, Misha beats every other contestant, until the final round with four other competitors, including Caroline. Though close, the results are revealed: Caroline came in first, and Misha in third.

The distance competition begins, and Misha is immediately intimidated by a powerful elk archer named William. Misha asks for a time-out, and runs to the armory to pick a stronger bow. Despite Caroline's worries, Misha uses it and wins the first four rounds. At the final round, Misha is up against William, who overconfidently holds back and still outshoots everyone by 30 yards. Misha ignores the pain in his arm and fires off 3 arrows in quick succession, which outstrip William's arrows and win him the competition. Misha collects his prize and immediately hurries to Coe's tent for healing.

As Misha leaves, his left arm and shoulder wrapped in bandages, Caroline congratulates him with a kiss, and suggests that after work, they have a dinner and walk together.


Main Characters:

  • Misha: A contestant in the Equinox archery tournament. He wins third place in the accuracy competition, and first place in distance.


  • Caroline Hardy: Another participant in the archery tournament, and Misha's beloved. She is an otter morph, and wins first place in the accuracy competition.
  • Will Hardy: The Keep jeweler, and a good friend and partner with Misha. He is a badger morph.


  • Robert Hunt: An archer who wins second place in the accuracy competition.
  • William Huntsman: An elk archer who wins second place in the distance competition.
  • Diane Kinkaid: An archer who wins third place in the distance competition.


  • Tarkin: A customer whose clock has been recently worked on.

Points of Interest

  • Misha almost leaves in brown pants and a green shirt, until he decides to wear something more festive. He finds a white shirt and a blue silk tunic with a gold oak leaf, his family crest, sewn on the front. He hadn't worn it in five years.
  • Misha started training with the longbow at age 10.
  • A ferret morph makes the final round in both the distance and accuracy competitions. They got fourth place in the distance competition. They may or may not be Robert Hunt.
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