'Tis the Season, by Wanderer

Story name: 'Tis the Season
Author: Wanderer
Publication date: December 1997

Date: Winter, 705 CR
Location: Metamor Keep


Wanderer reads to Chris a poem dedicated to Metamor Keep.


Christopher knocks several books of the shelves in the library. Fox stops him from picking them up, as he knows Chris is too blind without his monocle to put them away clearly — and privately, doesn't like him scratching the bookboards. He tells Chris to go and get ready for the Festival of Jove.

As Chris returns to his room, he is surprised to see Wanderer inside, who was hoping that Chris could review his poem for the evening performance. Chris was hoping he could spend the evening reading books. Wanderer sympathizes; after last year, he would rather be at Pascal's mercy than to read a poem at the festival. People were apparently throwing things at him.

Chris insists that Wanderer stay to recite his poem. And so he does. When he finishes, Chris can barely contain his laughter, and agrees to go to the festival after all, to see how his audience will respond this time.


Main Characters: Christopher, Wanderer

Supporting: Fox Cutter

Points of Interest

  • The poem can be divided into 8 stanzas of four lines each, in ABAB rhyming form, and adorned with many puns:
    • The first stanza, an overview of Metamor Keep;
    • The next three stanzas, a recounting of a few of its inhabitants (Quiz, Thomas, a valet, Posti, Dan, Pascal);
    • The next two stanzas, an overview of Metamor Keep's curse;
    • The next stanza, about Wanderer himself;
    • The last stanza, a call for festivity (and more horse puns).
  • Fox mentions Posti made a mess of bookshelves once, stomping on several of the pages.
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