The Hunt, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: The Hunt
Author: Chris O'Kane

Date: early June, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Valley


Misha tries to track a mysterious mercenary.


For over a week, something has been tracking patrols near the Keep. The patrol master believes that Metamor's defenses are being tested for weak points. Misha observes the ruins of a Lutin camp, east of the Keep, where fifty Lutins lie dead from fire and lightning spells cast twelve hours before. Misha does not find evidence of the attacker, until finding a bent branch thirty yards from the camp, with no scent. Misha follows these signs to the north, the signs of an opponent who has made subtle mistakes in their camouflage. Misha follows the trail deep into the night.

In the morning, Misha finds a camp where a Keep patrol rested that night, and an area thirty yards away where the stranger slept. Wondering why the stranger lingers so close to the patrols but doesn't reveal himself, Misha hears another patrol coming. He hides, and finds the figure shadowing the patrol. Misha is tempted to fire an arrow, but decides instead to follow them, to determine the stranger's motive.

After an hour of following, and only twenty feet away, the figure darts behind a tree and summons a flash of light. Misha crouches low to the ground, waiting as long as he can for him to move, repressing the urge to pant in the hot sun. Finally, he takes huge gulps of water and moves for the tree. He searches over and over until dusk, but finds not one trace of evidence. He screams in frustration.


Main characters:

  • Misha: A fox morph and head of the Long Scouts. He can easily see signs that normal scouts would miss.

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