Storm Watch, by Terry Spafford

Story name: Storm Watch
Author: Terry Spafford
Publication date: November 26, 1997 (on TSA-Talk)
Latest revision: October 1, 2007

Date: Spring 706 CR, Autumn 699 CR
Location: Metamor Keep (the Deaf Mule); Mount Weagle


Saroth explains how he came to be a telepathic dragon morph and Court Weather Warden.


Michael is visiting the Deaf Mule, waiting for Copernicus to return from conversation. He suddenly hears a voice in his head, and turns to find a tall dragon man, who introduces himself telepathically as Saroth, court magician and court Weather Warden. Michael asks him to speak normally, but Saroth's voice comes out as a roar and high-pitched keen.

Saroth explains that 6 years ago, he was a magician's apprentice specializing in weather prediction and manipulation. Few had the patience to teach him, aside from Electra, who was the current Weather Warden. Long ago, weather spells had been set up in the valley to provide steady rains and prevent strong storms, but have required re-anchoring for centuries by Weather Wardens.

During a meeting of the magician's council, Thomas asks the mages to help defend from Nasoj's attack. Electra needs someone to re-anchor the weather wards; Saroth knows the spells, but she isn't sure if he is mentally ready. She is worried he will become another Casner, who 130 years ago tampered with the wards, causing the Year of Storms and the Year of Drought. Though fearful of another such incident, Thomas tells her to prepare him as best she could. With a horse, two guards, and a telepathy spell cast upon him, Saroth sets off for a two-week journey to Mount Weagle.

Saroth begins his spell on Mount Weagle at the same time that Nasoj begins his final attack. The power enthralls him, and he spends a week flying through the skies until hunger subdues him. Via telepathy, he learns of the battle and the curses; he and his guards return as fast as they can within the week. His teacher Electra is now a child, and Thomas is a horse man. Thomas compliments him on his strong spells, and offers him the position of Weather Warden.

After 8 days of rebuilding the Keep, Saroth discovers a patch of dragon scales on his arm. Electra warns him not to try spells on himself, lest he make it worse. After another 2 days, Saroth prepares a spell to clarify magic sight, to see what spells are on him, but an accident causes his curse to accelerate. He awakens with his scales turning to bronze and his body growing rapidly, so he jumps out the window, landing in the courtyard below. He awakens again as a 50 foot dragon.

The mages shrink him down to a 7 foot tall biped, but are unable to revert him further. Saroth discovers his ability to speak is gone, but the telepathy spell has now implanted itself on him as a natural ability. He moves into a tower, using his full dragon form to fly there. He can still re-anchor the weather spells, and has been doing so ever since.

Copernicus returns and asks him what the weather will be. After reciting a weather report in a trance, which will include rain after midday, Saroth leaves to get his laundry brought in.


Main Characters: Michael, Saroth

Supporting: Copernicus, Electra, Thomas V

Points of Interest

  • Saroth mentions being born and raised in the valley, and Michael gets a brief glimpse of a burning farmstead.
  • Saroth was barely 20 years old at the time of the Battle.
  • Mount Weagle lies a full week's journey to the south.
  • Saroth's guards don't follow him into the Keep; they break away to find their own families in the Valley.
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