Story Summaries

Whether you want a quick refresher of past stories, a concise summary of all of Metamor Keep, or a guide to little things you might have missed while reading, the summary section aims to summarize all of Metamor Keep into a spoiler-friendly format for use as in-wiki citations and for casual reading.

Use the filename convention "summary:<full punctuated title>", ignoring the author name, to ensure all stories go to the same place, in the same namespace. For example, "summary: The Winter Assault".

All summary pages should contain a link to the story, some basic story information, a short spoiler-free overview of the story's premise, and, if the story is part of a major story arc, a navigational infobox. All other information, including plot summaries, character info, world info, and behind the scenes info, should be hidden under spoiler tags.

For a non-spoiler chart on which stories are important to the story arcs of Metamor, see this page. For a slightly more detailed reading guide, see this page.

  1. Metamor Keep, by Copernicus
  2. Alchemy, by Pascal Q. Porcupine
  3. Speed of the Light Fantastic, by Zach
  4. For Knowledge's Sake, by Christopher Hughes
  5. Writer's Guild, by Charles Matthias
  6. Fur-Brained, by Magus
  7. Alone in the Dark, by Dan D'Alimonte
  8. Potion, by Pascal Q. Porcupine
  9. Library, by Pascal Q. Porcupine
  10. Storm Watch, by Terry Spafford
  11. Patrol, by Christopher Hughes
  12. Artificer's Gambit, by Jon Sleeper
  13. Lightbringer, by Raven Blackmane
  14. Malvoisin, by Wanderer
  15. Sunny Skies, by Terry Spafford
  16. The Fight That Never Happened, by Charles Matthias
  17. Homecoming, by Christopher Hughes
  18. Coyote Delivers, by Kee Coyote
  19. Tail of a Young Wolf, by Wanderer
  20. Playing with Fire, by Phil Guesz
  21. Fool for a Day, by Devon Erthshade
  22. Welcoming Committee, by Chris O'Kane
  23. 'Tis the Season, by Wanderer
  24. Hoof and Claw, by Jon Sleeper
  25. Sea Breeze, by Terry Spafford
  26. Support Group, by Charles Matthias
  27. Facing Knight, by Charles Matthias
  28. Confession, by Christopher Hughes
  29. Evening Stroll, by Charles Matthias
  30. Especially Disappointed, by Charles Matthias
  31. Escaping, by Charles Matthias
  32. The Secrets in Truth, by Charles Matthias and Fox Cutter
  33. Escalation, by Charles Matthias
  34. Errands and Editors, by Charles Matthias
  35. A New Season, by Dan D'Alimonte
  36. Equinox Arriveth, by Charles Matthias
  37. A Small Repair, by Chris O'Kane
  38. The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Grasshoppers, by Dan D'Alimonte
  39. Winds of Destiny, by Phil Guesz
  40. Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist, by Charles Matthias
  41. The Effects of Rising Too Early, by Charles Matthias
  42. Eating at the Duke's Table, by Charles Matthias
  43. Long Beneath the Keep, by Kee Coyote
  44. Tournament, by Chris O'Kane
  45. Easter Endeth, by Charles Matthias
  46. Fetish, by Christopher Hughes
  47. Early to Sleep, by Charles Matthias
  48. Writer's Conference, by Phil Guesz
  49. Admissions and Applications, by Charles Matthias
  50. Arduous Tasks, by Charles Matthias
  51. Colors, by Pascal Q. Porcupine
  52. Duke of Metamor?, by Chris O'Kane
  53. Faith, Trust and Hope, by Chris O'Kane
  54. Withering Days, by Magus
  55. Attacking Cossack, by Charles Matthias
  56. Awake, by Charles Matthias
  57. Cloud Seeding, by Terry Spafford
  58. Battling a Tree, by Charles Matthias
  59. Raining Cats and Dragons, by Terry Spafford
  60. Best Friend's Burden, by Charles Matthias
  61. Idle Afternoon, by Christopher Hughes and Magus
  62. Bonds, by Charles Matthias
  63. A Long Patrol, by Chris O'Kane
  64. Keeping the Lamp Lit, by Charles Matthias and Phil Guesz
  65. Bark, by Pascal Q. Porcupine
  66. Ward, by Christopher Hughes
  67. Increasing Winds, by Terry Spafford
  68. Christening, by Chris O'Kane
  69. The Forgotten Realm, by Jacob Fox
  70. Oren, by Oren the Otter
  71. Busy Schedule, by Charles Matthias
  72. Casting, by Charles Matthias
  73. A Little Diddy, by Oren the Otter
  74. Annual Checkup, by Dan D'Alimonte
  75. Clothing, by Charles Matthias
  76. Heart-is-True, by Oren the Otter
  77. Gornul, by Oren the Otter
  78. Conquering a Dead Man, by Charles Matthias
  79. Dancing with Shadows, by Charles Matthias
  80. Forever, by English
  81. Full Circle, by Bob Stein
  82. The Hunt, by Chris O'Kane
  83. A Place Where There is No Darkness, by Chris Hoekstra
  84. A Shoving Match, by Chris O'Kane
  85. Perceptions of Evil, by Dan D'Alimonte
  86. Cat and Mouse, by Dan D'Alimonte
  87. In the Tower, by Oren the Otter
  88. Decisions, by Charles Matthias
  89. Somehow Here Again, by Chris Hoekstra
  90. Declarations of Allegiance, by Charles Matthias
  91. Picnic, by Chris O'Kane
  92. Snips and Snails, by Chris O'Kane
  93. Exam, by Chris O'Kane
  94. Aging Gracefully, by Chris O'Kane
  95. Live and Let Die, by Chris Hoekstra
  96. Delights and Diversions, by Charles Matthias
  97. Zin-Gll'Hanaan, by Chris Hoekstra
  98. Message from Beyond, by Chris Hoekstra
  99. I'll be Watching You, by Chris Hoekstra
  100. Rites of Ascendancy, by Raven Blackmane
  101. Eye of the Storm, by Terry Spafford
  102. Encounter in the Market, by Dan D'Alimonte
  103. Hunters and Hunted, by Terry Spafford
  104. Lutin Memoirs, by Jason Lehrer
  105. New Beginnings, by Chris O'Kane
  106. Political Intrigue, by Dan D'Alimonte
  107. All Along the Watchtowers, by Dan D'Alimonte
  108. Dialogues, by Charles Matthias
  109. Diplomacy, by Charles Matthias
  110. Recon, by Oren the Otter
  111. Friendship and Other Things, by Oren the Otter
  112. False Winds, by Charles Matthias
  113. Visits from Home, by Oren the Otter
  114. The Privilege of Serving, by Oren the Otter
  115. A Lie Conceived, by Oren the Otter
  116. Within the Temple, by Oren the Otter
  117. One of Each, by Oren the Otter
  118. Stepping Up to Destiny, by Charles Matthias and Chris O'Kane
  119. House of Secrets, by Chris Hoekstra
  120. Fun and Games, by Chris Hoekstra
  121. That Which Should Be, by Oren the Otter
  122. Fingers in the Weave, by Charles Matthias
  123. Left Out, by Oren the Otter
  124. Convergence, by Oren the Otter
  125. Warding the Watchwoods, by Ryx
  126. Entertaining Guests, by Ryx
  127. Speaking With Stones, by Ryx
  128. Mystic Journeys, by Coal Train
  129. Flying Lessons, by Coal Train
  130. Four on the Floor, by Chris O'Kane
  131. Fireside, by Charles Matthias
  132. Hunt, by Charles Matthias
  133. Keeping Time, by Phil Guesz
  134. Intercessor, by Charles Matthias
  135. First and Last, by Chris O'Kane and W.O.L.F 0013
  136. Intersecting Correspondence, by Charles Matthias
  137. Nut Buster, by Ryx
  138. En Lieu, by Wanderer
  139. Triplets, by Stephen Tigner
  140. The Perfect Life, by BlueNight
  141. Guided Tour, by Chris O'Kane
  142. Ancestral Aid, by Ryx
  143. Leavetaking, by Ryx
  144. A Rainy Day, by Ryx
  145. A Night With No Stars, by Ryx
  146. Punching the Line, by Ryx
  147. Going Past Purification, by Jacob Fox
  148. Jormugand, by Charles Matthias
  149. Lessoned, by Wanderer
  150. Hard Lessons, by Christopher Hughes
  151. Shadows of the Past, by Chris O'Kane
  152. Lessons of Solitude, by Raven Blackmane
  153. Last Rights, by Oren the Otter
  154. Lethe, by Wanderer
  155. Fleeing the Hound, by Ryx
  156. Strange Horizons, by Galen Bayne-Allison
  157. Of Fire and Water, by Coal Train
  158. Sensate-ional, by Coal Train
  159. Heavy Traffic, by Ryx
  160. Casting the Circle, by Ryx
  161. The Pebble and the King, by Ryx
  162. Banishing a Friend, by Ryx
  163. Must Be Summer, by Oren the Otter
  164. The Three Sides of Truth, by Charles Matthias and Chris Hoekstra
  165. Stacking the Odds and Unstacking the Stones, by Ryx
  166. General Problems, by Ryx
  167. Coming Home, by Ryx
  168. Growth and Forgiveness, by Oren the Otter
  169. Lawbreakers, by Charles Matthias
  170. Roses and Thorns, by Chris Hoekstra
  171. The Glen, by Ryx
  172. Mending a Crack, by Ryx
  173. A New Wardrobe, by Ryx
  174. Casualties of War, by Chris Hoekstra
  175. Remembrances, by Chris O'Kane
  176. Cry Havoc, by Chris O'Kane
  177. Cage, by Dan Fahl
  178. Killing Time, by Charles Matthias
  179. Arrival at Metamor Keep, by Ryx
  180. Clearing the Courtyard, by Ryx
  181. Offers of Allegiance, by Dan D'Alimonte
  182. For I am Lost, by Wanderer
  183. Meeting Metamor Keep, by Ryx
  184. Seeking Absolution, by Ryx
  185. Triumphant Return the Dogs of War, by Ryx
  186. Oren's Trial, by Oren the Otter and Chris O'Kane and Chris Hoekstra
  187. Natalie, by Oren the Otter
  188. Legacies, by Charles Matthias
  189. Dream's Aria: In the Shadow of a Nightmare Walks the Brightness of Love, by Ryx
  190. Libraries, by Charles Matthias
  191. Four-by-Four, by Chris O'Kane
  192. Liturgy of Blood, by Charles Matthias
  193. Penance and Retribution, by Oren the Otter
  194. Coming of Age, by CarpenterAnt
  195. Learning the Hard Way, by CarpenterAnt
  196. An Inner Child, by CarpenterAnt
  197. Rain Running, by David Ihnen
  198. Arla, by David Ihnen
  199. Amongst Green Boughs, by Galen Bayne-Allison
  200. Longing, by Charles Matthias
  201. Casual Evening, by Chris Hoekstra
  202. Nuptials, by Charles Matthias
  203. Dream's Aria: Dark Interlude, by Ryx
  204. Dream's Aria: Repudiation, by Ryx
  205. Conversations, by Chris O'Kane
  206. Relic, by Charles Matthias
  207. Balance in All Things, by Chris Hoekstra
  208. Daylight Fading, by Chris Hoekstra
  209. Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, by Chris O'Kane
  210. Wandering the Keep, by Charles Matthias
  211. Pawns, by Firemane
  212. Actions and Reactions, by Ryx
  213. A Journey into Shadows, by CarpenterAnt
  214. First Command, by Chris O'Kane
  215. A Return from the Shadows, by CarpenterAnt
  216. A Hunt in the Dark, by CarpenterAnt
  217. Dissuasion, by Chris Hoekstra
  218. Coming to Metamor Keep, by Joanne Hunter
  219. Dangerous Games, by Ryx
  220. Seeking Mithril, by Ryx
  221. Apologies, by Ryx
  222. Llyn's Tribulations, by Ryx
  223. Close Study, by Pheonix
  224. Dream's Aria: In the Shadows of Knight, by Ryx
  225. Coming to Grips, by Chris O'Kane
  226. Immersion, by Oren the Otter
  227. Rurouni Ryuo, by Tatsushu
  228. Easing Tensions, by Oren the Otter
  229. His Master's Voice, by Oren the Otter
  230. New Neighbours, by CarpenterAnt
  231. Lord Fool, by Chris O'Kane
  232. Dream's Aria: Light Meets Caroline, by Ryx and Chris O'Kane
  233. Rider, by Bill Kieffer
  234. The Good Sport, by Bill Kieffer
  235. Monday, by Bill Kieffer
  236. Tuesday, by Bill Kieffer
  237. Wednesday, by Bill Kieffer
  238. 'Taursday, by Bill Kieffer
  239. Friday, by Bill Kieffer
  240. Saturday, by Bill Kieffer
  241. Confrontations, by Ryx
  242. Getting Settled, by Tatsushu
  243. Fighting Your Fate, by Alexandra Herakai
  244. Punchline, by Willi
  245. Passing Notes, by Wanderer
  246. A 'taur's Tail, by Stephen Tigner
  247. Getting Away From the Party, by Ryx
  248. Grave Digger, by Ryx
  249. Confronting the Shrew, by Ryx
  250. Shandranax, by Tatsushu
  251. A Fresh Start, by Landon
  252. Winter Blossoms, by Tatsushu
  253. A Brief Introduction, by Stephen Tigner
  254. Sunrise, by David Ihnen
  255. Making Aquaintances, by Tatsushu
  256. Threads of Magic, by Stephen Tigner
  257. A Manticore's Tale, by Volk-Oberoten
  258. The Birdcage, by Tatsushu
  259. Vantage Point, by Joanne Hunter
  260. Sightings, Chase, and Meetings, by Griffinwolf
  261. Duty and Sacrifice, by Griffinwolf
  262. Undersiege, by Griffinwolf
  263. Out of the Wilderness, by Griffinwolf
  264. Into the Wild, by Griffinwolf
  265. Play Time, by Griffinwolf
  266. A Day Off, by Griffinwolf
  267. The Bonds of Family, by Michael Olson
  268. In Search of Home, by Michael Olson
  269. Clearing Away, by Wanderer and Christopher Hughes and Raven Blackmane
  270. Winter Horizons, by Chris Hoekstra and Chris O'Kane
  271. Prepared for Sacrifice, by Radioactive Toast
  272. Winter's First Chill, by Charles Matthias
  273. Parting, by i Bethron
  274. The Winter Assault, by the Winter Assault Writers
  275. Counter Strike, by Chris O'Kane
  276. Beginning of New Changes, by Evilhumour
  277. The Journeys Begin, by Joseph Schoder Jr.
  278. Finding Peace, by Joseph Schoder Jr.
  279. Deeper Wounds, by Chris O'Kane
  280. Burying a Friend, by Chris O'Kane
  281. Choices, by Chris O'Kane
  282. Four Times the Charm, by Chris O'Kane and Fox Cutter
  283. Things Remain the Same, by Chris O'Kane
  284. Bite Size, by Chris O'Kane
  285. Picking up the Pieces, by Raven Blackmane
  286. A Pawn Advances, by Christopher Hughes
  287. A Cold Day in Hell, by Raven Blackmane
  288. Sorrows, by Ryx
  289. Arrivals and Trials, by Richardson
  290. What Was, What Will Be, by Richardson
  291. Misericardia, by Wanderer and Raven Blackmane
  292. Koinonia, by Raven Blackmane and Wanderer
  293. Yesulam's Call, by Charles Matthias
  294. Wagging Tongues Will, by Charles Matthias
  295. Lion's Claw and Wolf's Fang, by Volk-Oberoten
  296. Whispers from the Past, by Chris O'Kane
  297. Whispers of the Lost and Found, by Chris O'Kane and CarpenterAnt
  298. The Prize, by Chris O'Kane
  299. Picking up the Pieces, by Chris O'Kane
  300. Under a Blessing of Ashes, by Charles Matthias
  301. Reflections, by Bill Kieffer
  302. Tethered, by Charles Matthias
  303. Sisters, by Charles Matthias
  304. Sharing, by Charles Matthias
  305. Drifting, by Hallan Mirayas
  306. Temper, by Hallan Mirayas
  307. First Impressions, by John Burman
  308. Calluses, by John Burman
  309. Enter the Tiger, by Oberon Snowcat
  310. The Claws of a Tiger, by Oberon Snowcat
  311. Hot Under the Collar, by Oberon Snowcat
  312. Castle Feaver Cat, by Oberon Snowcat
  313. Rousing Dreams, by Charles Matthias
  314. Rites, by Charles Matthias
  315. Rein's Reign, by Charles Matthias
  316. Encounters of Ill Chance, by Michael Olson
  317. Questioning, by Charles Matthias
  318. Vault of the Mountain, by Ryx
  319. Dreams, by Hallan Mirayas
  320. The Pointless Patrol, by Oberon Snowcat
  321. Finding the Range, by Chris O'Kane and Hallan Mirayas
  322. Peace and Quiet, by Hallan Mirayas
  323. The Long Day, by Hallan Mirayas
  324. The More Things Change..., by Hallan Mirayas
  325. Parlay, by Charles Matthias
  326. Parading, by Charles Matthias
  327. A First Step, by Chris O'Kane
  328. Farewell, by Ryx
  329. Out From Metamor, by Charles Matthias
  330. Past Glory, by Richardson
  331. A Good Time, A Bad Time, by Oberon Snowcat
  332. The Bandit King, by Oberon Snowcat
  333. Keep of Conversations, by Oberon Snowcat
  334. Visitors in the Night, by Oberon Snowcat
  335. Joy of the Hunt, by Oberon Snowcat
  336. Of Signs and Secrets, by Charles Matthias
  337. Letters, by Jack The Lizard
  338. Birth, by Jack The Lizard
  339. Values, by Jack The Lizard
  340. A Day in the Life, by Jack The Lizard
  341. Enkindled Part 1, by Noir
  342. Trust, by Jack The Lizard
  343. Memories of Madeline, by Jack The Lizard
  344. A Life under the Moon, by Jack The Lizard
  345. Alone, by Jack The Lizard
  346. Life as We Know It, by Jack The Lizard
  347. Odd Jobs, by Charles Matthias
  348. Night Amongst Whispers, by Charles Matthias
  349. Never Again a Man, by Charles Matthias
  350. Fixing Madog, by Chris O'Kane
  351. Natures Denied, by Charles Matthias
  352. Matters of Faith, by Charles Matthias and Ryx
  353. Marital Bliss, by Charles Matthias
  354. Lots, by Charles Matthias
  355. Looking South, by Charles Matthias
  356. A Road into Darkness, by Raven Blackmane
  357. Balancing Act, by Chris O'Kane
  358. Lessons of Faith, by Christopher Hughes
  359. Forced Beginnings, by Supernova Wizard
  360. Journey, by Chris O'Kane and Fox Cutter
  361. Alternatives, by Stealthcat
  362. Cold Contemplation, by Stealthcat
  363. Council of the Carnivore, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  364. Post Race, by Stealthcat
  365. The Trial, by Oberon Snowcat
  366. The Raid, by Oberon Snowcat
  367. A Swing at the Mule, by Oberon Snowcat
  368. Bottom of the Barrel, by Oberon Snowcat
  369. Dusk, by Michael Olson
  370. Opportunists, by Stealthcat
  371. Naughty, by Stealthcat
  372. New Suit, by Stealthcat
  373. Lessons with Val, by Michael Olson
  374. Never by its Cover, by Ryx
  375. Requiem of Vengeance, by Ryx
  376. Justice In Vengeance Refrain, by Ryx
  377. The Ambush, by Oberon Snowcat
  378. The Rise of the Black Tiger, by Oberon Snowcat
  379. Uncomfortable in the Comfort Zone, by Stealthcat
  380. An Old Beginning, by Nagolinc
  381. To Snare a Rabbit, by Nagolinc
  382. Helping a Friend, by Chris O'Kane
  383. A Friend in Need, by Oberon Snowcat and Chris O'Kane and Hallan Mirayas
  384. A Warm Midsummer's Day, by Oberon Snowcat
  385. The Contests and a Dark Surprise, by Oberon Snowcat
  386. A Feast of Kings, by Oberon Snowcat
  387. Who Hunts the Hunter, by Oberon Snowcat
  388. The Silver Shadow, by Oberon Snowcat
  389. In a Dark Hall, by Oberon Snowcat
  390. Tails at the Mule, by Oberon Snowcat
  391. Plain and Simple, by Chris O'Kane
  392. Three of a Kind, by Chris O'Kane
  393. Signs and Portents, by Raven Blackmane
  394. Lineaments of Coming Night, by Charles Matthias
  395. Dances, by Raven Blackmane
  396. Deeper Underground, by Chris O'Kane and Fox Cutter
  397. Overcoming Fear, by Chris O'Kane
  398. Pawned, by Michael Bard
  399. Back in Black, by Oberon Snowcat
  400. The Rat Run, by Stealthcat
  401. The Cat Climb, by Stealthcat
  402. In the Absence of Martyrs, by Raven Blackmane
  403. New Lessons, by John Burman
  404. To Steal a Tome, by Virmir
  405. First Day, by Virmir
  406. Open Doors, by Virmir
  407. Warmth in Darkness, by Chris O'Kane and Stealthcat
  408. A Few Days in Heaven, by Michael Bard
  409. Forest Dagger, by Stealthcat
  410. Something to Banc On, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  411. The Harvest Festival, by the Harvest Festival Writers
  412. The Cultists Strike Back!, by Michael Bard
  413. Extended Family, by Chris O'Kane
  414. Sharing the Light, by Hallan Mirayas and Charles Matthias
  415. Letters Home, by Hallan Mirayas
  416. The Last Tale of Yajakali, by Charles Matthias
  417. A Day or Two in the Life, by Michael Bard
  418. Hidden Treasures, by Chris O'Kane
  419. Lyte, by Kiba Bloodfang
  420. Start With an Empty Sheet, by Prof
  421. Nothing to Compare With, by Prof
  422. Dragged Around, by Prof
  423. Of Dreamer and Dreams, by Prof
  424. To Steal a Soul, by Virmir
  425. Smiles, by Virmir
  426. Awareness, by Virmir
  427. A Cursed Kit, by Kit
  428. Four Legs Good! Two Legs Bad, by Chris O'Kane and Stealthcat
  429. Full Coalition, by Stealthcat
  430. Muffins on the Move, by Michael Bard
  431. Cheeters Never Win, by Coal Train
  432. Spots and Snow, by Stealthcat and Oberon Snowcat
  433. The Charlatan, by Billy Morph
  434. Bloodfall, by Billy Morph
  435. Interruptions, by Hallan Mirayas
  436. A Pack of Secrets, by Hallan Mirayas
  437. Tales of Euper Investigations, by Michael Bard
  438. Into the Darkness, by Michael Bard
  439. On the Hunt, by Michael Bard
  440. From the Other Side, by Michael Bard
  441. The Summoning, by Michael Bard
  442. Between the Worlds, by Michael Bard
  443. Keeper of Secrets, by Michael Bard
  444. Impacts, by Billy Morph
  445. Fight and Flight, by Stealthcat
  446. Lapins, Long and Larder, by Stealthcat and Coal Train and Chris O'Kane
  447. Nature Show, by Stealthcat
  448. Respite Reflection and Reservations, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  449. Family Secrets, by Stealthcat
  450. Spirits, by Chris O'Kane
  451. Following, by Virmir
  452. Full Suit, by Stealthcat
  453. Thoughtful Felines, by Stealthcat
  454. To Steal a Muffin, by Stealthcat and Virmir
  455. Long Distance, by Stealthcat
  456. Long Scout, Short Memory, by Stealthcat
  457. The Pursuit of Happiness, by Lurking Wolf
  458. One Black Day, by Lurking Wolf
  459. Once More Within the Walls, by Lurking Wolf
  460. An Unlikely Story, by Lurking Wolf
  461. Three of White and Red, by Virmir
  462. Leaving Lom, by Elliott Olson
  463. Earning His Stripes, by Oberon Snowcat
  464. A Homecoming, by Oberon Snowcat
  465. Act of Kindness, by Charles Matthias
  466. Burning Time, by Lurking Wolf
  467. The Long Road, by Elliott Olson
  468. Fate of the Shadow Master, by Lurking Wolf
  469. The Last Trial, by Michael Bard
  470. Deceived, by Pontos
  471. Born Once Again, by Pontos
  472. Candles in the Dark, by Hallan Mirayas
  473. A Cut Above the Rest, by Stealthcat
  474. The Homeward Journey, by Lurking Wolf
  475. Struggles on the Homefront, by Lurking Wolf
  476. To Steal a Fox, by Virmir
  477. Long Night, by John Burman
  478. Father Yule, by ShazerFox
  479. Happy Yule, by Billy Morph
  480. Three's a Crowd, by Stealthcat
  481. More Than Friends, by Stealthcat
  482. Party of Two, by Chris O'Kane
  483. The Present, by Chris O'Kane
  484. Musicat and the Wolf, by Stealthcat
  485. Spots and Scales, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane and Gornul
  486. A Night of Passion, by Stealthcat
  487. Landing in a New Age, by Charles Matthias
  488. Lament of the Kangaroo, by Charles Matthias
  489. The Fall of Maractania, by Chris O'Kane
  490. Starting Over, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  491. Churan, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  492. Dire Situation, by Stealthcat
  493. House Call, by Stealthcat
  494. In a Tough Spot, by Stealthcat
  495. The Trials of New Tasks and Trades, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  496. Long Eared Lessons, by Stealthcat
  497. House Broken, by Stealthcat
  498. Echoes of the Dead Wood, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  499. New Home, New Beginnings, by Chris O'Kane and Charles Matthias
  500. Nahfalt, by Ma'alkeen
  501. Fear and Ignorance, by Stealthcat
  502. A House of Cards, by Ma'alkeen
  503. Snips and Snails and Foxy Tails, by Stealthcat
  504. Cheating, by Stealthcat
  505. Rise to Power, by Stealthcat
  506. Long Explanation, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  507. A Real Devil, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  508. Cut Down a Long Peg, by Stealthcat
  509. Sir Edmund Duplicate, by Stealthcat
  510. Fellowship of the Egg, by Christof Bradford and Charles Matthias
  511. Kendrick's Quandary, by Charles Matthias
  512. First Steps, by Lurking Wolf
  513. Keeper's Return, by Charles Matthias
  514. Of the Gods, by Stealthcat
  515. Hands Free, by Stealthcat
  516. A Pair, by Chris O'Kane
  517. Revelations of a Friend, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  518. Second Steps or Unexpected Connections, by Chris O'Kane
  519. Killing the General - Again, by Chris O'Kane
  520. The Stoat-Away, by Stealthcat
  521. A Helping Paw, by Stealthcat
  522. Ill Encounters, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  523. Madog Makeup, by Stealthcat
  524. Enemy Within, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  525. Shadow of Twilight, by Stealthcat
  526. Battle for Bradanes, by Lurking Wolf
  527. Julian's Plan, by Charles Matthias
  528. Last Light, by Hallan Mirayas
  529. Storm Front, by Hallan Mirayas
  530. Snow Fall, by Hallan Mirayas
  531. Jessica's Power, by Charles Matthias
  532. Expansion of Power, by Lurking Wolf
  533. The Twilight Before the Dawn, by Chris O'Kane
  534. Catching up on Old Times, by Chris O'Kane
  535. Experiencing the Dawn, by Chris O'Kane
  536. Chasing the Dawn, by Chris O'Kane
  537. Safeguarding the Dawn, by Chris O'Kane
  538. What the Dawn Reveals, by Chris O'Kane
  539. Invigorating Faith, by Charles Matthias
  540. Inchoate Carillon, Inconstant Cuckold, by Charles Matthias
  541. Inconsolable Chrysanthemum, Inebriated Cockatrice, by Lurking Wolf
  542. Spies and Assassins, by Lurking Wolf
  543. The Illusive Chain, by Lurking Wolf
  544. Truce, by i Bethron
  545. Trip: Revised, by Hawl Enroygall and Pascal Q. Porcupine
  546. A Presence of Thieves, by Raven Blackmane
  547. Changing Fortunes, by KillerNarwhal
  548. Malaise, by i Bethron
  549. A Place to Call Home, by KillerNarwhal
  550. Visiting Ancil, by Chris O'Kane
  551. Absolution, by Billy Morph
  552. Where Life Begins Anew, by Hawl Enroygall
  553. Blending In With Those Afflicted, by Hawl Enroygall
  554. Local Celebrities, by Hawl Enroygall
  555. Between Us Girls, by Hawl Enroygall
  556. The Study of Women, by Hawl Enroygall
  557. Investigating Calamity, by Charles Matthias
  558. Imprints, by Charles Matthias
  559. Heraldic Beginnings, by Charles Matthias
  560. Humble Request, by Charles Matthias
  561. Hough's Secret, by Charles Matthias
  562. Winding Madog, by Stealthcat and Chris O'Kane
  563. Two Sides of the Fire, by Chris O'Kane
  564. Taking Account, by Chris O'Kane
  565. Heading to All Tomorrows, by Charles Matthias
  566. In the Shadow of the Sundered Shield, by Hallan Mirayas
  567. Savage, by Hallan Mirayas
  568. For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Hallan Mirayas
  569. Covenants, by Christof Bradford and Charles Matthias
  570. Healing Wounds in Arabarb, by Charles Matthias
  571. Past, Present, and Future, by Chris O'Kane and Stealthcat
  572. Shadow of the Past and Present, by Chris O'Kane
  573. Pondering the Past, by Chris O'Kane
  574. Journeys and Destinations, by Chris O'Kane
  575. The Rat Who Leads the Cat, by Hawl Enroygall and Charles Matthias
  576. Moth to a Flame, by Hawl Enroygall
  577. When Life Begins Anew, by Hawl Enroygall
  578. Flesinoir Truths, by Hawl Enroygall
  579. Young Love?, by Hawl Enroygall
  580. Hawk's Jealous Prize, by Charles Matthias
  581. Gazing Through a Barred Window, by Charles Matthias
  582. Felsah's Little School, by Charles Matthias
  583. Dominion of the Hyacinth, by Charles Matthias
  584. Just an Average Patrol, by Kit
  585. A Little Bit of Discipline, by Leo M. Panther
  586. Diplomatic Immunity, by Viny
  587. Divine Travails of Rats, by Charles Matthias and Ryx
  588. Four Squared, by Fox Cutter
  589. By the Morning's Light, by Fox Cutter
  590. The Meandering Maunderings of Kaldr Jarsmidr, by Forgecoldiron
  591. Asleep, Awake, A Dream, by Charles Matthias
  592. Bearing the Wolf-Touched, by Charles Matthias
  593. Unleashing The Beast, by Hallan Mirayas
  594. Bidding Farewell, by Charles Matthias
  595. Remembering a Friend, by Chris O'Kane
  596. Blood Moon, by Charles Matthias
  597. Casting Off, by Charles Matthias
  598. Delivering A Friend, by Charles Matthias
  599. Designing A New Valley, by Charles Matthias
  600. Driven By The Wind, by Charles Matthias
  601. Dusk Hunt, by Charles Matthias
  602. Elvmere's New Duties, by Charles Matthias
  603. Engulfed, by Ryx and Charles Matthias
  604. Faithful Battles, by Charles Matthias
  605. The Ghost Horde, by Ryx
  606. Dance of the Betrothed, by Charles Matthias

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