Speed of the Light Fantastic, by Zach

Story name: Speed of the Light Fantastic
Author: Zach
Publication date: November 23, 1997 (on TSA-List)

Date: Spring 706 CR1
Location: Metamor Keep


Copernicus is cheered up by Quiz, who introduces herself to Michael the next day.


Having shown Michael around, Copernicus heads wearily to the Deaf Mule, and Quiz comes to cheer him up. Copernicus still blames himself for not getting to the Lutin ambush on Michael's caravan in time, but Quiz points out that Copernicus couldn't have done anything to change it.

The next morning, Copernicus is surprised to see Michael up so early. Michael says he was served breakfast by a beautiful woman. Copernicus guesses she had long black hair and scales; Michael is confused by the scales remark. Copernicus remarks how lucky Michael is, for Quiz rarely shows off her full human form. She was court messenger, and at the time of the battle, she was caught by both the gender and animal curse, giving her the ability to change between snake and woman. The wizards were afraid of untangling the spells, and so her appearance at either end is quite extreme. Michael wonders if the spell gave her the ability to disappear suddenly, which Copernicus says is just her regular behavior.


Main Characters: Quiz

Supporting: Copernicus, Michael

Cameos: Donnie

Points of Interest

  • This is the first story to mention the ability to shift forms, although it is tied into Quiz having two different curses at once.
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