Sea Breeze, by Terry Spafford

Story name: Sea Breeze
Author: Terry Spafford

Date: Summer 705 CR
Location: Metamor Keep, Cape Tormentine, Magdalain Island


Saroth and Electra travel to Magdalain Island, and repair Metamor's reputation with the villagers.


Saroth is interrupted from his fire spell practice by incoming clouds. He learns from them, and from Electra shortly afterwards, that a Kraken has been caught off the coast of Magdalain Island. Electra enlists Saroth on a journey to her homeland Magdalain, both to bring back Kraken tentacles for Magus, and to finalize a deal between Metamor and Magdalain.

When they reach Magdalain, Electra directs him to a beach to meet the town healer Gordon, who shares a telepathic bond with Electra, his twin sister. Gordon warns Saroth that some people in Johnstown have been stirring up anti-Keeper sentiment, and they had better stay discreet until Mayor Tobin arrives a day later. Electra goes into town with Gordon, and Saroth shifts into his anthro form and stays in the forest. When four teenage boys enter the woods playing and picking berries, Saroth's curiosity soon alerts them to his presence. Saroth quickly explains himself, and the boys introduce themselves as Sean, Alan, Bob, and Darrell. They share stories late into the night and fall asleep.

The next morning, Gordon races to the camp, startled to see the boys there. He explains that Electra was somehow outed as a Keeper, and has been taken prisoner and will soon be lynched. Saroth shifts to his full dragon form, and takes Gordon and the boys to the gallows, sending a windstorm to disrupt the execution. The leader Ken attempts to maintain control over his mob, but when the villagers recognize the boys on his back, he offers to release Electra in exchange for the boys. As both Gordon and Electra choke from lack of air, Saroth uses his fire spell to ignite the walking stick, the gallows, and a nearby wood pile.

Ken prepares to kill Electra, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Mayor Tobin, who defends the people of Metamor Keep and promptly banishes Ken from the island. To the confused mob, he declares a trade alliance with Metamor Keep, as well as sanctuary to any Keeper on Magdalain land. As he leaves, Electra recognizes one of the boys' mothers as Cynthia, and departs with them, as Gordon and Saroth treat the boys to a cafe.

Later in the day, Saroth and Electra and Gordon meet with the Mayor, where he explains that his great-great-grandfather John Tobin had moved to Metamor Keep when he was young, and later emigrated with a few Keepers to found Johnstown on Magdalain Island. He announces a feast for the Keepers to be held that evening.

For the next week, Saroth entertains the islanders, giving them flights and helping fishermen unload the Kraken. As Saroth and Electra prepare to leave, Saroth reminds the boys that they can visit via caravan in a few months. As they fly away, Electra remarks that Sean has magical abilities that Gordon is still trying to identify, and she will let Saroth know immediately if the boys come to Metamor Keep. She then proceeds to lecture Saroth on his botched fire spell.


Main Characters:

  • Saroth: A dragon morph and weather warden of Metamor Keep.
    • He is still studying apprentice-level magic, and struggles to create a simple fire spell. Gathering storm clouds or fog and bringing rain or wind are much easier for him.
    • He succeeds at casting a fire spell while freeing Electra, but it grows out of control and nearly burns the town.
  • Electra: A wizard from Magdalain Island, and child morph. She is red-haired. She represents Metamor Keep for a formal alliance with Magdalain Island.
    • Her childhood name is Eliza. She changed it to Electra when she moved to Metamor Keep.
    • She uses a bow and arrow for hunting.
    • She shifts to a younger age in order to scream louder.
    • She has a twin link with her brother Gordon, from which she gets news about Magdalain Island.
  • Gordon: Electra's twin brother, the healer of Johnstown. He is tall, well-tanned and red-haired. He shares a twin link with Electra, with which they correspond to each other.
    • This is the first time since the Battle of the Three Gates that Gordon and Electra have met.


  • Sean: A teenage boy from Johnstown. He is the first of the four boys to trust Saroth. Gordon finds that he possesses a strong unknown magic aura, and decides to train him to find out his talent.
    • His father was a lobster and crab fisherman who caught the Kraken a few days before.
  • Mayor Brian Tobin: The Mayor of Johnstown, the largest city on Magdalain Island. His male lineage has inherited mayorship of Johnstown since his great-great-grandfather John Tobin the First.
  • Kenneth Campbell: A native of the mainlands, a newcomer to Magdalain. He is middle-aged and carries a cane, and has a slightly crazed look to his eyes. He believes that Metamor Keep has been tainted by demons, and that the Keepers will spread their curse to or destroy Magdalain from their presence. He moved to the island a couple months ago and has been preaching to small crowds. After his attempted lynching of Electra, he is banished from Magdalain Island forever.

Minor characters:

  • Alan: A teenage boy from Magdalain Island, one of Sean's friends.
    • His father is a cod fisherman.
  • Bob: A teenage boy from Magdalain Island, one of Sean's friends.
    • His father is a cod fisherman.
  • Darrell: A teenage boy from Magdalain Island, one of Sean's friends.
    • His father fishes for lobster and crab. He helped catch the Kraken a few days ago.


  • Wanderer: The Keep bard, who helps Electra pack.
  • Christopher: Wanderer's friend, a Keep tutor. He helps Electra pack.
  • Cynthia: A native of Magdalain Island, and a childhood friend of Electra. She is one of the boys' mothers.
  • Marla: Gordon's wife.

Important mention:

  • John Tobin the First: The founder of Johnstown. He was born in Merith to a family of fishermen, but decided, against his family's wishes, to be a soldier and serve at Metamor Keep, defending the pass. After one gruesome battle, he retired and decided to seek out the unpopulated Magdalain Island. With a group of other Keepers, and local fishermen and tradespeople, he rediscovered the island and its safe harbor, and founded the city of Johnstown as its mayor. He died in a storm at sea.
    • He had two children. His oldest son, John the Second, became mayor on his father's death. Through his son, the mayorship passed down to Brian Tobin.
  • Thomas: Ruler of Metamor Keep. He has been collaborating on an alliance with Mayor Tobin.


  • Nasoj: The wizard responsible for the Three Curses.
  • Raven: The Keep Lothanasa, also known as the Lightbringer.
  • Magus: A powerful wizard at Metamor Keep. He wants Saroth and Electra to bring him some fresh Kraken tentacles.


  • Cape Tormentine is south of Elvquelin, on the eastern side of a strait that separates it from Magdalain Island. Although they are friendly to wizards, there is a strong anti-Keeper sentiment there. It takes Saroth four days along the coastline to reach the general area, and about half a day across the strait to Magdalain.
  • Magdalain Island is surrounded by dangerous currents; the only safe way to enter is through Johnstown Bay via ferry.

Story Connections

Points of interest

  • The weather in summer 705 CR has been dry and cloudless for the past few weeks.
  • In Tormentine and likely other places in the Midlands, apprentices wear necklaces to show their novice status.
  • Note that between the four boys, there are three mothers.
  • The alliance between Magdalain Island and Metamor Keep is two-fold: a trade alliance, and a peace alliance. The trade alliance involves exclusive rights to certain goods produced by Metamor, such as sail cloth. Under the peace deal, Magdalain is a sanctuary for all Keepers. They will be under the Mayor's protection from the moment they set foot on Magdalain Island or on a ferry to Magdalain Island.
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