Reading Guide

WARNING!!! The following summaries will contain spoilers!

This page is intended to be a helpful guide towards reading Metamor Keep. Stories will be divided by story arc. Each section may specify which earlier story arcs are recommended to read before. Individual stories may contain details that make sense after reading an earlier story; these will be marked as optional or important.

Introduction to Metamor Keep

Metamor Keep, by Copernicus


These stories assume you have read a basic introduction to Metamor Keep.

Character Pieces

These stories introduce a character without necessarily starting a story arc. They are usually not important for later reading, but make for a pleasant excursion into a character's life.

Alchemy, by Pascal Q Porcupine & Potion, by Pascal Q Porcupine
Speed of the Light Fantastic, by Zach
For Knowledges' Sake, by Christopher Hughes
Writer's Guild, by Charles Matthias
Fur-Brained, by Magus
Fox Cutter
Library, by Pascal Q Porcupine (contains references to Potion)
Storm Watch, by Terry Spafford
Lightbringer, by Raven Blackmane & Sunny Skies, by Terry Spafford
Tail of a Young Wolf, by Wanderer
Coyote Delivers, by Kee Coyote & Long Beneath the Keep, by Kee Coyote
Playing with Fire, by Phil Geusz
Fool for a Day, by Devon Erthshade
Welcoming Committee, by Chris O'Kane
A New Season, by Dan D'Alimonte


'Tis The Season, by Wanderer
Writer's Conference, by Phil Geusz

Battle of the Three Gates

These stories take place (in whole or in part) during the Battle of the Three Gates in 699 CR.

Malvoisin, by Wanderer
Storm Watch, by Terry Spafford

Other Stories

Alone In The Dark, by Dan d'Alimonte
Patrol, by Christopher Hughes
Artificer's Gambit, by Jon Sleeper
Homecoming, by Christopher Hughes
Hoof and Claw, by Jon Sleeper
Sea Breeze, by Terry Spafford
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Grasshoppers, by Dan D'Alimonte
Winds of Destiny, by Phil Geusz

Matthias's First Cycle

Unless specified, the following stories are written by Charles Matthias.

The Fight That Never Happened
Support Group
Facing Knight
Confession, by Christopher Hughes
Evening Stroll
Especially Disappointed
A Small Repair, by Chris O'Kane

Vernal Equinox, 706 CR

The Secrets in Truth, by Charles Matthias and Fox Cutter
Errands and Editors
Equinox Arriveth
Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist
The Effects of Rising Too Early
Tournament, by Chris O'Kane
Eating at the Duke's Table
Easter Endeth
Early to Sleep

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