Quill Encounter, by I Want Power

Story name: Quill Encounter
Author: I Want Power
Publication date: November 25, 1997 (on TSA-List)


After another of his tricks on Pascal, IWP encounters her in the hallway.


I Want Power, or IWP for short, is walking down the hallway, fantasizing about being pleasured by a snake and four beautiful women. Pascal, walking down another hallway, is angry that IWP has replaced her mirror with a magic one that changed everything on her into itching powder.

The two of them meet, and a short exchange is noted. Pascal walks away happily, while IWP angrily tears quills from his face, and sets off for a bath in quill remover.


Main characters:

  • IWP: The Keep mystic. He claims to be an unchanged human, somehow immune to the Curse.
    • He seems to travel by nonconventional means; he remarks that he will be home in 2 days, due to "extended Uberator activity along the neutral zone".
    • He is young and still learning how to be a man from his father.
  • Pascal: The Keep's alchemist, a porcupine morph.

Important mention:

  • Michael: The newest arrival to the Keep. He's been made into one of Pascal's forms via her morph ring.
  • Bob: The Keep's Prime Minister, who apparently keeps quill remover.


  • A wizard who wants V-generators from Pascal.

Points of Interest

  • Quill remover, apparently, is applied by bathing in it, and tends to turn the recipient's skin green.
  • IWP greatly dislikes Pascal, because he greatly dislikes "Sega games", one of which involves a hedgehog, notwithstanding the differences between hedgehogs and porcupines.
  • There are several songs that bear similarities to real-life songs: "To Grandmother's House We Go" and "My Way".
  • There is another non-Metamorian reference: "a shower in a concentration camp".

Story Connections

  • A wizard demands V-generators, as in Alchemy.
  • The incident involving Michael refers to Potion.
  • The incident involving itching powder will be brought up again in Library.
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