Political Intrigue, by Dan D'Alimonte

Story name: Political Intrigue
Author: Dan D'Alimonte

Date: unknown
Location: Southern Midlands


Two lords form a plot against their king, unaware that they are being watched.


Baron Josef welcomes Mikal, Earl of Setliff, into his estate, where his newly acquired hunting dog sleeps on the floor. Josef asks for the purpose of his visit, and Mikal tells him that he and several lords are plotting to overthrow the king, in the pretense of protesting a recent order not to bother the neighboring scouts of Metamor. He wants Josef to lend his estate to serve as a meeting place for their cause. Mikal offers him money, but Josef asks for a week to decide.

A few minutes after they depart, the hunting dog wakes up and shifts to an anthro form. She takes a piece of scrap paper, writes a letter to her superiors in Metamor Keep, and sticks it in a crack outside the window. She shifts back to a dog form and sleeps. A few hours later, a blue jay arrives, picks up the letter, and flies north to Metamor Keep.


Main characters:

  • Mikal: Earl of Setliff and member of the royal court. He has a long noble lineage.
  • Josef: A minor baron. His noble lineage is much shorter than Mikal's. His estate is close to the capital, but not so close as to get attention.


  • The dog morph. She is a spy for Metamor, disguised as a recently purchased hunting hound in Josef's manor. Josef is impressed by its intelligence, though unaware that she is an animal morph.

Minor characters:

  • A blue jay morph, who delivers the dog morph's message.

Important mention:

  • The king of the lands south of Metamor, Mikal's and Josef's ruler. His stubborn nature has upset many of the nobles. Last week he proclaimed that his soldiers are to avoid Metamor patrols.
  • Carnes, Deiler, Rickersen, Paulsey, Matthews, General Phipps: Six leaders who offer their support to Mikal's scheme.


  • Hogarth: A hilly region on the south borders of Metamor, north of Mikal and Josef's homeland. It is considered a no-man's land, having no strategic value to either side.
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