Penance and Retribution, by Oren the Otter

Story name: Penance and Retribution
Author: Oren the Otter
Publication date:

  • October 16, 1999 (chapters 1 - 2) (on Furry-Lit)
  • November 12, 1999 (chapter 3) (on VFW-Times)
  • November 17, 1999 (chapter 4) (on VFW-Times)
  • December 4, 1999 (chapter 6) (on VFW-Times)
  • December 11, 1999 (chapters 7-8) (on VFW-Times)

Date: Mid September - Late September or Early October, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep, Hipocc, Devil's Strand


To save his sister, and to fulfill his destiny, Oren leads an expedition to Hipocc, where Lutins join forces with Devil's Strand to unleash a spell of darkness upon the Keep.

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