Offers of Allegiance, by Dan D'Alimonte

Story name: Offers of Allegiance
Author: Dan D'Alimonte

Date: Autumn 706 CR
Location: The Giantdowns


A messenger from Nasoj offers an alliance with a Lutin tribe, but they refuse.


The Swiftstone clan of Lutins lives far to the north of Nasoj's realm, and only recently have they seen men in their lands. A hunter named Arct brings a lone human to the clan chief Renk. The human speaks Lutin well; he introduces himself as Selveticus, a messenger from the wizard Nasoj. Renk lets him sit at the fire and share his dinner, while his shaman Jurna silently confirms that the man is a mage.

Selveticus offers an alliance between the Swiftstone clan and Nasoj. Nasoj is looking for warriors to attack the castle that stands between them and the southlands; in return, they will receive land and glory. Renk refuses, as he does not believe in glory from battle, and he is content with the lands they have. He will not make the mistake his father did by allying with Nasoj. Enraged, Selveticus threatens him twice more that he and Nasoj will kill them all. He takes out a crystal to throw on the fire, but Arct shoots him dead.

Renk orders Arct to carve the man's body for meat for the coming winter. The shaman tucks away the crystal, knowing that more of Nasoj's men will come. Renk promises to fight them, grimly knowing that it could be the death of them all.


Main characters:

  • Renk: The Lutin chief of the Swiftstone clan.
  • Selveticus: A human mage, a messenger from Nasoj. He is tall, light-skinned, middle-aged, and lanky. He has blond hair and wears black robes. He is fluent in the Lutin tongue, though of a different dialect than the Swiftstone. He comes alone, confident in his mission. When he is disappointed, he threatens to destroy the camp with his crystal, and is killed and served to the Lutins.


  • Arct: A Lutin Swiftstone hunter. He captures Selveticus, and fires the arrow that kills him.
  • Jurna: The Swiftstone shaman. He confirms that Selveticus is a mage, and keeps the dead mage's crystal.

Important mention:

  • Nasoj: The enemy of Metamor Keep. He is reaching out to more Lutin tribes, sending them to assault the Keep, promising them glory and land. He tends to use mages as messengers.


  • The Swiftstone clan lives far to the north of Nasoj's capital. When Renk's father was chief, they allied with Nasoj's forces, and were severely defeated. They have not been in contact with Nasoj's men since.

Points of interest

  • All that is known about the crystal is that it contains a complex spell of "bad magic", and it triggers with fire.
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