New Beginnings, by Chris O'Kane

Story name: New Beginnings
Author: Chris O'Kane

Date: Sunday, June 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep (Hough's apartments, the Keep chapel)


Father Hough plays with Madog and discovers a chapel built just for him.


It is Sunday morning, and Father Hough's thoughts are too unsettled for him to prepare for Sunday service. A small iron ball rolls up to his feet, and Madog walks in, asking to play. For the next hour they play fetch and hide-and-seek, until Hough has to stop for his morning devotions. Madog wants to join, and slips into Hough's apartment.

Inside, Hough finds a door that wasn't there before, and steps through, finding a beautiful Follower chapel. Madog says that Kyia has built it for him. Hough asks who Kyia is, besides someone that he plays with; Madog says that she is Metamor Keep itself. He had heard Misha and Charles saying that Hough needed someplace better than a hall to worship in, so Madog asked Kyia directly.

With delight, Hough dresses himself and prepares the altar, and says his morning prayers and thanks Eli for His gifts while Madog watches. Charles and Kimberly then arrive at the sanctuary instead of the hall as intended, and are amazed by what they see. Hough welcomes them in, and soon other people arrive for Sunday services.


Main characters:

  • Hough: A Follower priest in Metamor Keep. He is still struggling with whether he belongs at the Keep, and with his experiences with Loriod. He feels much better when he sees the new Follower chapel for him.
  • Madog: A fox automaton. He is good friends with both Hough and Kyia.

Minor characters:

Important mention:

  • Kyia: A nymph who watches over Metamor Keep, and builds new rooms within the Keep for the Keepers. She enjoys playing with Madog.
  • Misha: Madog's caretaker, and Charles's friend.


  • Loriod: A deceased lord who abused Hough.


  • The Keep chapel, or sanctuary, was made by Kyia to replace the old hall, as seen in Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist. It is over two stories tall, with tall stained glass windows on one side. At one end of the room is an altar, near the door to Hough's apartments; at the other end are two large wooden doors for the congregation.
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