Metamor Keep by Copernicus

Story name: Metamor Keep
Author: Copernicus
Special note:: The very first story set in the MK universe!


Main Characters: Michael and Copernicus

Supporting: Jerek

Cameos: Healer Coe

Main points

  • Michael was a farmer and is a new caravan guard.
    • He receives some tips from an experienced guard named Jerek.
    • Michael's father was drafted and never returned (may still be alive? Presumed dead? )
    • his mother ran the farm afterwards
    • When Michael was 17 drifter brought plague to the farm killing all but Michael.
    • Michael left the next day and sent the deed to the farm to his uncle.
  • After stopping to rest at an unnamed town, the captain (also unnamed) says they are going to Metamor Keep next
    • the other guards don't react too well to this news.
  • Later that night Michael asks Jerek about MK.
    • Jerek doesn't say much except that the keepers are good folk.
  • When the caravan crosses into MK territory they are stopped and questioned by some Amazon women warriors.
  • When the caravan is 2 miles from the keep they are attacked by a bunch of lutins.
    • Michael kills one before a lutin knocks him unconscious by slinging a stone into his head.
  • the caravan is unable to care for a head injury on the road. So they leave Michael in the care of the Keepers.

Written Summary (WIP)

This story follows Michael, a former farmer turned caravan guard after his family, consisting of his mother and siblings, died by plague. It starts with Michael struggling to keep up with his new found compatriots when a fellow guard named Jerek gives him some advice. We learn that Michael was from a small village in Bernicia (where is it? are there any further details about this place?).

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