Message From Beyond, by Chris Hoekstra

Story name: Message From Beyond
Author: Chris Hoekstra

Date: Unknown
Location: Metamor Keep (Deaf Mule)


Kee delivers a message to Rickkter from a man in his dreams.


Kee finds Rickkter in the Deaf Mule, and tells him he bears an important message from Dyson Hetfield. Rickkter chokes on his tea, unable to believe it is him. Kee proves it by telling him the last thing Dyson told Rickkter, and also by giving Dyson's physical description. The message he wished to give Rickkter is that he is still alive, but that "They" have set up traps for him. He knows that Rickkter's "Keeper" is in contact with "Them", which prevents him from taking direct action. Rickkter tells Kee to tell Dyson that he will contact the Foundation.

Kee asks for an explanation, but Rickkter refuses to elaborate, hinting at the danger of speaking out loud. Rickkter thanks Kee for the message, and Kee departs, wondering when he will next hear from Dyson.


Main characters:

  • Kee: A messenger for the Keep. As a fellow former native of the Eastern Kingdoms, he is a good friend of Rickkter's. Dyson picked him to deliver the message, as he is the most psychically receptive person around who wouldn't be adversely affected by relaying it.
  • Rickkter: A mercenary and bounty hunter from the Eastern Kingdoms.


  • Dyson Hetfield: Rickkter's old friend. Ten years ago he disappeared, leading Rickkter to believe he had died. In truth, he has been trying to escape the pursuit of his enemies. Four years ago, they stopped actively pursuing him, but it is only recently that he felt safe enough to contact Rickkter. In Kee's vision, he was heavily tanned, well-muscled wth a hairless chest, light brown hair with a cowlick and goatee, and the tattoo of a tiger on his forearm. He wears baggy black pants, a dark green vest, and a golden-wire pendant on a long chain.


  • Legani: A place that Dyson knows very well and where he is currently hiding. Presumably it is some
  • Mount Dundalark: A mountain where long ago, according to legend, ancient beings carved a beautiful mural. It is dangerous to travel there, being populated by creatures called yalises, and simurghs that live on the cliffsides.
  • Asaruludu: A noble house. Its signet is of a half heart. Dyson wears it around his neck.
  • Pillars of Davidson: Landmarks near the region of Legani, marking the boundary between known lands and the unknown. Dyson sailed beyond them to escape from his enemies.
  • The Foundation: A mysterious group that may or may not practice "the ancient art". Rickkter decides to contact them to help Dyson.
  • Keeper: A sentient entity whom both Rickkter and Dyson's enemies are involved with. It uses magic from other worlds, which Dyson's enemies have control over. It isn't aware of everything Rickkter does, but it pays close attention to "violations", particularly names spoken aloud.
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