Memories Of Madeline, by Jack the Lizard

Name: Memories of Madeline
Author: Jack the Lizard
Publication date: March 14, 2016

Date: 707 CR, March
Location: Metamor Keep, the Sathmore Empire


Nemo dreams of his love Madeline and revisits scenes from his earlier life.


Nemo sleeps and finds himself in Metamor Keep with his young wife and son at his side again. She shows him the memories of his earlier life, starting with the day they met. She was a young girl herding the chickens, while he was a knight serving the Church, committed to remaining celibate until he met her. She takes him through the memories of their lives together, their nights of passion to the birth and growth of their son Jacques. Nemo shares one of his own memories of his visit to Metamor Keep, and how impressed he was by their social mobility compared to the Sathmore Empire.

When Madeline calls James a brat, Nemo shares another memory, from just a few months after being hired under Lord Leontes. James is a teenage boy, training one of his young hawks Patroclus. Nemo and another knight named Maylin were watching him. James catches Maylin complaining quietly, and as he shouts at him, Patroclus leaps and attacks Maylin. The other knights, including Nemo, prepare to kill the bird, but James orders them to hold, and takes out some meat and gently calls the hawk back. Nemo was astonished at this display of tenderness from someone he had considered a brat.

Nemo wonders if he can help James become a better person, and Madeline promises that both he and James can be changed by Metamor Keep for the better. A light approaches, and Madeline bids him goodbye as Nemo wakes up.


Main characters:

  • Nemo: A new resident to the Keep. He used to be a gangly knight for the Empire with loosely-fitting clothes. He became one of the best glaive fighters for the Empire. As he got older, he became a mercenary, and then a guard for Lord Leontes.
  • The memory of Madeline: Nemo's wife. She has red hair and blue eyes. She worked as a chicken herder before meeting Nemo.
  • The memory of Jacques: Nemo's son.


  • James: Nemo's ward. As a teenage boy, he shows great love for his hawks.
  • Sir Maylin: A knight who insults James, and consequently is attacked by James's hawk.


  • Leontes: A lord of the House of Dorothea, Nemo's employer in his later life, and James's father. He believes people are only motivated by money. Nemo finds him repulsive.

Points of interest

  • Just after the birth of Jacques, another memory appears, described only as the worst day of his life. Nemo blocks it out, and moves forward to the days when Jacques is growing up.
  • Nemo blames his cowardice and arrogance for the loss of his wife and child.
  • Nemo is not his original name. Madeline nearly says his real name, but Nemo stops her each time.
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