Lost and Found, by English

Story name: Lost and Found
Author: English
Publication date: November 6, 1998 (on TSA-List)


Julianna and Dracodan flee to Metamor Keep to escape the tyranny of their homeland.


Dracodan is learning to be a sky mage in the southern kingdom of Tintagel. His fiancee Julianna has been accused of treason, and she is fleeing to Metamor Keep to avoid capture, leaving him her rose pendant.

On his 18th birthday, Dracodan takes the oath of mages and is given the sky staff. The next day, his king orders him to find and kill Julianna. Dracodan refuses, and stabs a guard as he makes his escape northward.

He learns from an innkeeper about the nature of Metamor Keep's curse. Three miles from the Keep, he attacks a Lutin camp with a lightning spell, and passes out from exhaustion. Six days later, he is woken up by Pascal, who takes him to Julianna who has transformed into a lioness. Dracodan promises that he will not leave her, and casts a spell to shield him from the child and sex-changing curses. Two days later, he begins to transform.


Main characters:

  • Dracodan: A sky mage from Tintagel.
  • Julianna: Dracodan's fiance, also from Tintagel. She becomes a lionness morph at Metamor Keep.

Supporting characters:

  • Pascal: The porcupine morph who revives Dracodan.

Points of interest

  • This story is an earlier version of Forever, with several important distinctions:
    • Andrew is named Dracodan, and is a sky mage instead of a fire mage;
    • The reason why Julianna is charged with treason is not shown;
    • Chris, Galanus, and Deamon are not present, as their subplots are original to "Forever";
    • Dracodan's change is not shown, and Julianna has changed into a lioness morph rather than a white tiger morph;
    • Instead of being chased and knocked out by a wolf, he passes out from attacking a Lutin camp;
    • Most egregiously, Dracodan performs a spell to prevent two of the curses from affecting him.
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