Long Beneath The Keep, by KeeCoyote

Story name: Long Beneath the Keep
Author: KeeCoyote
Publication date: March 6, 1998

Date: Equinox (Good Friday), 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep (cellars, the Deaf Mule)


Kee visits his friend beneath the Keep, the lake monster Ash.


It is Equinox at the Keep. Kee has purchased a carving of a flying bird, and now leaves the festivities for a special errand. Although his key pendant can let him travel anywhere in the Keep, he does not want to use it today; he suspects it attracts Raven's attention. He travels down a secret stairway to the caverns beneath the Keep to an underground lake. He calls out to Ash, a lake monster who guards a large jewel embedded in a massive petrified tree on an island in the lake. She is happy to see the carving, as it reminds her of when she was human.

She asks why Kee has not been using his key lately. Kee says he is afraid Raven wants to find the source of the Keep's powerful magic, and she might think it is the jewel Ash guards. Since she does not know the key's limitations, Ash suggests leaving it to Raven as a gift. She says goodbye and promises to see him on the summer solstice.

Kee leaves the key behind in the Deaf Mule for Raven to find. Its one limitation is that it will only work for places one has been before. Kee wonders what his next present will be for his former lover Ashke.


Main Characters:

  • Kee : A Keep messenger who owns a special key.
  • Ashke : A lake monster that lives beneath the keep and guards a special treasure. Her name means "trueheart".


  • Raven : The Lothanasi priestess of Metamor Keep.

Points of Interest

  • Fezor Tieg was the name of a hero who brought Kee's people to their homelands in the East. He is celebrated on Arrival Day, which corresponds to the date of the spring equinox.
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