Like the Sky, by Cerulean

Story name: Like the Sky
Author: Cerulean
Publication date: November 27, 1997 (on TSA-List)


A dragon ends up with one of the more unusual manifestations of the Curse.


It is the year of the Northern Compass 982, and the Battle of the Three Gates is underway. Cerulean the dragon, defender of the Keep, is tasked with preventing any airborne forces from reaching the Keep. After succeeding and returning to the Keep, he senses magic being built up, targeting the humans. Flying directly over the courtyard, he attempts to absorb as much of the magic as possible. However, the counterspell from the humans catches him offguard, and he plummets to earth as a partial human.

The mix of all three of Nasoj's spells, the Keep's counterspells, and his own dragon biology create an unusual result. During the day he remains in his true form, but every night his human side comes out, which combines with Nasoj's curse to manifest as a completely random morph. For a long time, he remains male, until one night.

Jon is at the bar when he sees a beautiful doe morph enter. He attempts to buy her a drink, but she quickly reveals herself to be Cerulean, evidenced by her favorite drink and her purple eyes. The bar laughs as Jon gets increasingly flustered, while Cerulean flaunts her first female form.


Main Characters: Cerulean, Jon

Cameo: Donnie

Points of Interest

  • This story is not explicitly non-canon, and Cerulean appears in several more stories in canon.
  • Cerulain's doe form has many points of interest to Jon. Why would her doe form have a huge rack of antlers?
  • The age spell effects her normal dragon form, reducing its age to "merely" 200 years.
  • Cerulean's favorite drink is hot cocoa with cinnamon.
  • This is the first mention of the dragon calendar. 699 CR corresponds to NC 982.
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