Lightbringer, by Raven Blackmane

Story name: Lightbringer
Author: Raven Blackmane
Date: 705 CR
Special note: Raven's introduction


Main Characters: Raven

Supporting: Dvalin, Pascal, Nyi


An endless storm is wrecking the crops outside Metamor Keep. Raven hin'Elric, the Lightbringer and High Priestess of Metamor Keep, prays before her altar, summoning Dvalin, the Lightbringer God of weather. He tells Raven that he is not the cause of the storms; the nymphs are enacting revenge for the felling of a two-hundred-year-old oak tree, home of a dryad. He tasks her with restoring the tree and appeasing them.

From her storeroom, and from Pascal, she acquires her ceremonial items and performs a ceremony to appease the tree's dryad Nyi, who accepts her offering. As Raven returns to Metamor Keep, the clouds part above her.

Points of Interest

  • This is the first mention of the Lightbringer religion, as well as Dvalin.
  • Among the items Raven brings is earth from the banks of the Vyaldi river. What is special about the Vyaldi river?
    • The other items are incense, ceremonial powders, an oak leaf, growth serum, and her twin-cross amulet.
  • In the original story submission, Raven included some notes on the Lightbringer faith:
    • Lightbringers have served Metamor Keep for 1500 years.
    • The role is passed on from the current Lightbringer to their daughter; if they have no daughters, then to their son; if no son, then to a chosen girl.
    • All of Raven's family died during the Battle of the Three Gates, including her father Elric, the previous Lightbringer.
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