Library, by Pascal Q. Porcupine

Story name: Library
Author: Pascal Q Porcupine
Publication date: November 26, 1997 (on TSA-List)

Date: February 706 CR, 4 weeks (and 2 weeks) before Easter
Location: Metamor Keep (Keep library)


Pascal visits the library for the first time, and meets Fox Cutter.


Fox is surprised to see Pascal at the library for the first time. She is looking for forte-piano music, hoping to play for the first time since the curse. Fox leads her to the music section, where she pulls out a dozen volumes of music.

After taking the volumes, she asks Fox if she can do research about the court mystic IWP. He recently cast a spell on her, turning everything she touched into itching powder, making her lose her clothes, two of her morph rings, and several other personal belongings.

Fox notices that she seems to have shrunk in size, and Pascal says that her youthful excitement over the music must have triggered her morph ring. She also demonstrates her robes, which adjusts to her size and keeps her quills from sticking. She also shows off her mundane coloring, which Fox compliments. She smiles and suggests stopping by more often. Taking her hand, Fox guides her to the library exit.

Two weeks later, Fox listens to her first performance at the Deaf Mule.


Main Characters:

  • Pascal: The Keep alchemist, a multi-colored porcupine morph. She is rarely seen outside of her laboratory. She used to play forte-piano before the curse, and has recently decided to take it up again.
    • She avoids confrontations with other people, and avoids taking revenge. She seems to prefer standing back and analyzing the situation.
    • Her normal height is 5 feet 6 inches.
    • Among her inventions are the morph ring, and the fabric for her robe, which slides off her quills and adjusts its size to her automatically.
  • Fox: The Keep librarian, a fox morph. He wears glasses. He has never met Pascal prior to today, but they form a fast friendship.

Important Mention:

  • IWP: The court mystic. He is an enigma; his speech is difficult to understand, and his jokes are wild and bawdy.
  • Michael: A newcomer to the Keep. Rumors have already spread about a temporary transformation that happened to him.


  • Thomas: The ruler of Metamor Keep. Fox Cutter refers to him as "King Hassan".

Story Connections

  • Potion covers the accident that happened to Michael.
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