Left Out, by Oren the Otter

Story name: Left Out
Author: Oren the Otter

Date: June 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep (outside the Deaf Mule), Metamor Valley (by the Metamor River)


Oren is sad that the rodents have their own club, so Gornul gathers together the other Metamorian otters.


Gornul notices Oren sulking outside the Gnawer's Meeting, where most of Oren's friends are having fun. Gornul gets an idea, and an hour later, invites Oren to the Metamor River. There, Gornul has set up a picnic with three fellow otter morphs: Rashim, Caroline, and Barney. They introduce themselves, snack on the picnic lunch, and go swimming in the river. Gornul smiles and joins them, happy to see his friends happy.


Main characters:

  • Oren: A half-otter man from Hipocc.
  • Gornul: A dragonette who speaks in pictures. He has many friends at the Keep, including Oren, Rashim, Barney, and Caroline.


  • Rashim: A chubby cape clawless otter morph. He is the first to go for a swim, just after Oren arrives.
  • Barney: An otter morph who used to be Loriod's fishkeeper.
  • Caroline Hardy: An otter morph. She stops Oren from undressing in his regular form, and is careful to morph before undressing.


  • Charles: Oren's friend, a rat morph.
  • Kimberly: Charles's beloved, a rat morph.
  • Phil: Oren's friend, a rabbit morph.
  • Loriod: A former lord whom Barney used to work for.

Story Connections

  • Gornul remembers the events of Gornul not long ago, when he felt excluded and had a party thrown for him.
  • It is specifically noted that this story takes place before Friendship and Other Things, when Oren and Caroline meet each other one-on-one, despite its position in the archive.

Points of interest

  • Oren's otter form is the result of the cursed water from Hipocc, rather than Metamor's curse, yet he is still able to shift to a full otter form, though it is harder to perform.
  • Caroline is a bit prudish here, compared to her appearance in Jormugand where she showed indifference to nudity.
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