Idle Afternoon, by Christopher Hughes and Magus

Story name: Idle Afternoon
Authors: Christopher Hughes and Magus

Date: Late Spring, 706 CR
Location: Metamor Keep (Magus's Tower, the Deaf Mule)


Christopher has some concern over Magus's well-being in recent times, so he pays Magus a visit. Magus is frequently distracted by his papers, but at Christopher's urging, he leaves the Tower and joins him on a trip to the Deaf Mule. Magus makes several reflections about his mortality: his graying fur, his compulsion to work, his constant exhaustion, his dream of doing something great, his fear that he has not done enough for the Keep, his lack of an apprentice.

Over their ale, Magus hands some scrolls over to Christopher to complete, in the event of his death. As Magus stares into his ale, Christopher cheers him up by saying how admired Magus was at the University of Elvquellin. Christopher asks if he could play a game of chess with him sometime, and Magus decides to consider it. Magus notices how late it's gotten, and says goodbye, hoping to see Christopher again in a week.


Main Characters:

  • Magus: One of the most powerful wizards at the Keep, an old fox morph.
  • Christopher: A tutor of the Keep, a bear morph.


  • Pascal: An alchemist of the Keep.
  • Foxeris Cutter: The librarian of the Keep.
  • Scratch: Pascal's long-time lover. He and Pascal are not on the best of terms.
  • Michael: Pascal's temporary lover, recently changed into a beaver morph.
  • Kyia: The nymph who watches over Metamor Keep.
  • Nasoj: The wizard who cursed Metamor Keep.
  • Posti and Kindle: The other two wizards who helped Magus perform the countercurse.
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